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Musical Theatre Concentration

Theatre Arts Major Core Requirements 31 units

THEA 106 Beginning Set Construction 1 unit

or THEA 110 Beginning Costume Construction

or THEA 116 Beginning Scenic Painting*

THEA 200C Introduction to Theatre 3 units

THEA 202C History of Theatre I 3 units

THEA 204C History of Theatre II 3 units

THEA 239 Makeup Design 3 units

THEA 306 Intermediate Set Construction 1 unit

or THEA 316 Intermediate Scenic Painting*

or THEA 317 Intermediate Costume Construction

THEA 309 Costume Design 3 units

THEA 315 Scenic Design 3 units

THEA 320 Lighting Design 3 units

THEA 324 Theory and Criticism 3 units

THEA 386 Junior Project 1 unit

THEA 450 Theatre Internship 2 units

THEA 495C Senior Project 2 units

Musical Theatre Concentration 31 units

Musical Theatre Concentration majors are strongly encouraged to take private voice lessons through the Music Department.

MUSI 100Recital Attendance 0 unit

MUSI 101Basic Voice I 1 unit

THEA 107 Acting I 3 units

THEA 132A/B, 232A/B Theatrical Performance I, II

THEA 332A/B, 432A/B Theatrical Performance III, IV 4 units

(1-2 units per role)

THEA/KINE 133C Musical Theatre Dance I 1 unit
or THEA/KINE 433CMusical Theatre Dace II 1 unit

THEA 134 Musical Literacy for Theatre 2 units

THEA 135 Beginning Theatre Movement 2 units

THEA 207 Acting II 3 units

THEA 220 Musical Theatre Vocal Technique 3 units

THEA 244 Beginning Musical Theatre Audition 3 units

THEA 307 Acting III 3 units

THEA 339 Industry Insiders 3 units

THEA 344 Intermediate Musical Theatre Audition 3 units

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