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Sociology Major

Sociology Major Core Requirements 46 units

Lower Division 9 units

SOC 100C Introduction to Sociology 3 units

ANTH 102C Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3 units

265C Introduction to Statistical Methods 3 units

Upper Division 19 units

SOC 332 Marriage and the Family 3 units

SOC 343 Class, Race, Ethnicity and Gender 3 units

SOC 365 Sociological Theory 3 units

SOC 369 Research Design and Methods 3 units

SOC 369L Research Design and Methods Lab 1 unit

SOC 460A*† Field Practicum 3-4 units

SOC 462A*† Research Practicum 3-4 units

SOC 490C Senior Seminar 3 units

*Need to take SOC 460A OR SOC 462A.

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