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Auditions & Assessments

Music Audition

All students desiring to earn a Music degree must contact the department of music to audition on their primary instrument.

Students will be required to take a theory placement exam and a piano placement exam, regardless of experience or college courses previously taken.

Students will be placed in a large ensemble depending on abilities and ensemble needs.

Theory Assessment

Students must show theory proficiency by taking a Theory assessment prior to enrolling in Harmony and Form I (MUSC 128).

Basic Musicianship I (MUSC101) and/or Basic Musicianship II (MUSC106) may be required to prepare the student for Harmony and Form I (MUSC 128).

BM candidates should expect to take longer than 4 years to graduate. Please be advised students continuing beyond 4 years maybe ineligible to receive institutional aid.

Failure to pass Basic Musicianship I (MUSC 101), Basic Musicianship II (MUSC 106) and/or Private Music Instruction will result in being dropped from declared degree program, including a music minor.

Piano Proficiency

Basic piano proficiency skills are required of all music majors for graduation.

The final exam given in each class piano represents certain sections of the piano proficiency exam.Students who do not pass the final exam will be required to repeat that course until that requirement is passed, preventing them from proceeding to the next piano course.

Students must pass the class piano sequence or piano proficiency exam prior to applying for:

General Music-Applied Music Emphasis - Research and Recital (MUSC 491C)

Worship Studies - Final Presentation for Worship Studies (MUSC 498C)

Bachelor of Music – Senior Recital and Research (MUPF 491C), Research and Recital in Composition (MUTC 491C) or Research and Recital (MUSC 491C).

The sections of the piano proficiency exam may be taken at one time or in sections.

Applied Instruction – Primary Instrument

All music majors must select one primary instrument for an area of study (voice, piano, guitar, organ, string, woodwind, brass, or percussion).

Students are required to enroll in consecutive semesters of study in the same performance medium.

Beginning Guitar Class (MUSC 108) or Beginning Voice Class (MUSC 111) may be required to satisfy the first semester of Basic/Applied Instruction, depending on the audition.

Participation and earning credit in studio class, department recitals, and performance before a jury at the end of the semester are required in each applied music course.

Basic Instruction – Secondary Instrument

Students may elect to take piano as their secondary instrument only if their piano proficiency exam is satisfied.