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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:


  • 1. (Core Knowledge of Psychotherapy) Apply fundamental knowledge within the field of clinical psychology and psychotherapy to the treatment of individuals, families and groups.
  • 2. (Diversity) Demonstrate and apply cultural competency and sensitivity in the psychotherapeutic process.
  • 3. (Integration of Faith) Demonstrate and apply the integration of faith in the psychotherapeutic process.


  • 4. (Clinical Skills) Demonstrate effective clinical techniques within a therapeutic relationship.
  • 5. (Communication) Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills as it specifically pertains to the field of psychotherapy.


  • 6. (Professional/Personal Qualities) Develop the professional and personal qualities that are intimately related to effective psychotherapy. Including competence, acceptance, curiosity, caring, integrity, sensitivity, flexibility, insight, compassion, and personal presence.