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Get to know why *your story matters.

*Brand Promise

What can Vanguard deliver consistently to those it serves? The brand promise articulates the key benefit that Vanguard will provide on an ongoing basis.

Vanguard University promises to…
equip you to live the story God has for you.

e•quip (verb)
to supply with all necessary items for a specific purpose;
to prepare someone for a particular situation or task

The word “equip” comes from a word sailors used centuries ago meaning “to man the ship.” You’re on a journey, living the story that God is authoring in you. Vanguard promises to give you the tools you need to live the story God has for you…a story that matters.


The goal of the tagline is to quickly convey your key benefit to your target audience. The best positioning taglines do not describe the services provided, but communicate the desired result from a more emotional or conceptual standpoint.

Vanguard University
Your Story Matters.

> Rationale (written as public messaging)

At Vanguard, your story matters. Where have you been? What are the experiences God has used to shape and prepare you? We care about your story, about who God is making you to be. And we want to equip you—to give you the skills, knowledge, and experience you need—for the journey God specifically has for you.

More importantly, your story matters after you leave Vanguard. Our alumni are making a difference in education, the arts, ministry, business, and more. They’ve been prepared for a Spirit-empowered life of Christ-centered leadership and service here at VU, and God is using them in powerful ways to shape this world.

Your story matters. Where will it take you next?

*Key Messages

The key messages flesh out the foundation of the Vanguard messaging framework. The sentences that accompany each key message give further explanation and depth.

At Vanguard, your story will take you:

>> Beyond the classroom

We believe learning happens best in the context of relationship. Our faculty spend countless hours—both inside and outside the classroom—to serve as professor-mentors, not just teachers. Through close, coaching relationships, you’ll go beyond the classroom, getting not only the knowledge you need but also the wisdom to apply what you’re learning in practical ways.

>> Beyond community

What is it that turns a group of people from different backgrounds that come from different places into a real community? At Vanguard, we call it our relational culture. Built into the fabric of our interactions is a culture that causes us to go beyond the normal definition of community, reaching out and connecting with each other.  We are driven to serve one another, our city, and our world in practical ways through missions projects both here in Orange County and around the world.

>> Beyond integration

Many people talk about the integration of faith and life. At Vanguard, we believe they were never separate to begin with. Our understanding of the world—in science, business, education, the arts, and beyond—informs and deepens our faith, bringing color and life in surprising ways. As we go beyond integration, we discover a reality based instead on incarnation, where faith comes to life in every molecule, every equation, every performance…in every moment.

>> Beyond academics

No matter your major or area of study, at Vanguard you’ll get the understanding you need in an environment designed to help you excel. Our commitment to go beyond academics leads to academic transformation, where you’ll cultivate new abilities to think critically, communicate clearly, and interact intelligently—taking you places you never thought possible.

>> Beyond the expected

There’s more to life than what we see. At Vanguard, you’ll join a Christ-centered community pursuing a Spirit-empowered life. God is not distant or disconnected, His Spirit is in us, guiding, comforting, and equipping us for the next chapter of our story. A life in God’s Spirit will always move us beyond the expected and open our eyes to His surprising influence in our world…right here, right now.

All of these areas work together, producing alumni that are beyond ready
to live a story that matters.

>> Our Mission

To equip each student for a Spirit-empowered life of Christ-centered leadership and service.

>> Strategy

  • Cultivating the Spirit-empowered life in Christian experience and service
  • Promoting academic excellence that integrates faith and life
  • Providing professor-mentors in a dynamic community environment

>> Our values

  • TRUTH  – We pursue truth by knowing Christ who is Truth
  • VIRTUE – We honor God by committing ourselves to the person and model of Jesus Christ
  • SERVICE – We develop our talents to their potential and discern God’s purpose for our lives