Vanguard University Student Raps with Purpose

One Vanguard University sophomore grabs the mic and brings down the house, or should we say, the Kingdom?

Rapping with purpose, Bodie Wade uses his gifts to create raw, influential music for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Being highlighted in an installment of iWantJam’s ‘Artist Spotlight’ series led to an interview and article on Broadcast Newsroom’s website featuring Wade. This online music-streaming site, iWantJam, is a platform for Wade and other artists to create profiles to connect with fans and promote their music.

The article labels Wade as a part of a new style of artist, a “HipHop Hipster.” Wade hits the books and the beats. While furthering his education at Vanguard, Wade also writes lyrics, plays multiple instruments and records his music. As a sophomore, Wade is working toward a bachelor of arts in worship studies.

His first mix tape, College: The Lecture, came out in December 2012 presenting an honest, real message and clean fun. His next release will follow suit with a vulnerable account of his experience with an autoimmune disease. The March release will be one song that states: “bald is beautiful.” And the music video will feature him and friends shaving their heads.

Looking back to his roots in music, Wade described growing up in a family of musicians in the Hollywood/Los Angeles area. “I’ve always grown up in music, it’s something my family has always done,” Wade said and then added that his dad toured in a rock band for a while.

When discussing how he reached the world of rap, he said: “After going through several different styles of music, I kind of migrated to hip-hop.” Within this genre, Wade creates beats and lyrics that deliver more than just sound to the audience’s ears. They deliver a message.

Knowing the struggle many Christian artists have in the music industry, Wade said his main focus is keeping his eyes on the Lord and sharing his music with complete honesty and vulnerability. His lyrics always explore issues and ideas that directly relate with his life.

From big stages to VU’s Cove to churches, Wade has performed on many platforms. When explaining why he considers church shows best, Wade said he loves to take time to just sit and talk or read scripture while on stage. “You can minister more than just through music,” he said.

A passion for worship and ministry coupled with talent and a heart for Christ makes Wade a powerhouse of influential music. Looking to the future, Wade expressed his desire to use his Worship Arts degree to eventually become a producer and worship artist somewhere on the West Coast.

To view the Broadcast Newsroom article, click here.

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