Vanguard Student Kateryna Malakhova Fulfills Her Dreams

Kateryna Malakhova, a senior in her final semester at Vanguard University, is taking advantage of her time at Vanguard to fulfill dreams she has had since she was a child. While utilizing the variety of resources that Vanguard has to offer, Malakhova is on her way to providing children from her community back home, in Novakakhovka, Ukraine, a place to play.

Growing up, Malakhova dreamed of three things: playing tennis in Europe, living near the beach and giving children from her community a place to play. After accomplishing her first dream of playing tennis in Europe, she started to sense closed doors and corruption in Novakakhovka. That is what brought her to attend college in the United States, at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California. While at Vanguard University, Malakhova has been able to live out her second dream of living near the beach, but the third dream remained unfulfilled—until she met Dr. Ann Hamilton, vice president of student affairs.

After meeting Malakhova at an annual dinner Dr. Hamilton holds at her home for student leaders, Dr. Hamilton became intrigued as their discussion turned to dreams and Malakhova opened up about the ones she had since childhood. After realizing that she could help, Dr. Hamilton decided to reach out and provide the necessary guidance and resources for Malakhova.

Since that time, Malakhova has worked closely with Dr. Hamilton and the organization Kids Around the World to bring a playground to the heart of Novakakhovka. The playground will give children a place to use their imaginations, while creating a community for parents to come together. Malakhova and Hamilton, along with family and a team from Vanguard, will fly to Ukraine in June to help continue to bring this dream to life.

With that third dream almost being completed, Malakhova has had time to contemplate a brand new dream for her future—to work for the United Nations.

“I want to show that everything is possible and bring that hope,” said Malakhova, in a recent Daily Pilot article. “Everything is possible and you should just go for it.”

For further information on Malakhova and to read her story in the Daily Pilot, please visit,0,4723994.story.

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