Vanguard Singers and Band to Travel Across Europe

From May 9-28, 27 members of the Vanguard Singers and Band, plus two faculty and staff members, will travel across Europe to perform concerts, assist in leading services at a music/worship conference, and participate in street evangelism.

The church in Western Europe is in dire need of the Gospel, especially in today’s world of uncertainty and unrest. Because music is a unique gift that is universal in both language and appeal, there will be limitless opportunities for these students to make an impact.

The group of students will be traveling across all of Western Europe, including Germany, France, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium, and Portugal. During portions of their trip, they will be hosted by members of the Madchenkantorei Chros of Bad Saulgau, Germany, which participated in the Carnegie Hall tour with Vanguard in 2006, and who Vanguard hosted here in Southern California during May of 2009.

Several concerts have been planned in some of the oldest Baroque churches and cathedrals in southern Germany, as well as in the Bavarian Cultural Arts Center. The students will also be staying in church member homes of the Cova Piedade (Assembly of God) Church of Lisbon, Portugal, providing a wonderful cross-cultural experience for those involved.

The Vanguard Singers and Band is the longest established music ministry group at Vanguard and has been in existence for over 40 years. There have been many past overseas tours that have greatly impacted our students and those they have reached, including Europe, South Korea, China, Japan, Mexico and Canada.

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