Vanguard Nursing Professor’s Faith at Home Showcased in OC Register

Amanda Firestone, associate professor of nursing at Vanguard University, is the main subject of a feature article in the OC Register published on Tuesday.  The article, called Making peace with two traditions, discusses Firestone and her husband’s collaborative approach to celebrating the holidays as a family of mixed faiths.  Firestone, a Christian, is married to a Jewish man who works in the medical field as an emergency room doctor.  Raising her twin boys in the Jewish faith, Firestone makes great strides to capture the importance of her Christian faith through the Christmas season in her home while still giving as much attention to Hanukkah, according to the article.

This year, her family will accompany her to Journey Christian Fellowship in Irvine, where she regularly attends church services, for the Christmas Eve service, according to the article.  While she goes on to say that she always takes her children to important Jewish celebrations, it is clear to the reader that her Christian faith has not diminished by the dual celebrations of Christmas and Hanukkah.

“The article is delightful and Amanda says that they captured her thoughts and story well,” says Professor Mary Wickman, director of the nursing Program at Vanguard University.

The article goes on to discuss the many challenge of families of mixed faiths encounter during the holiday season and the creativity used in honoring the various traditions.

Click here to read the full article.

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