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Theatre Professor Interviewed On Caring For Students

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Faculty member David Pecoraro was recently interviewed by in an article entitled, “Professors and Institutions Need to Care More About Their Students.” Pecoraro discusses his latest project, The Student Caring Project – revolutionizing the way higher education thinks about educating its youth. Read the full article here.

David C. Pecoraro, M.F.A., is the Associate Chair of the Department of Theatre Arts, as well as Production Manager, Resident Lighting Designer, and Associate Professor of Theatre at Vanguard University. Read more about Vanguard University’s Department of Theatre Arts at

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1 Comment to "Theatre Professor Interviewed On Caring For Students"

  1. Dave Stachowiak

    December 20, 2011

    Also of note, David and Daniel de Roulet broadcast a wonderful podcast on Student Caring which you can find at this link:

    Congrats to David and Daniel on their success with this project!


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