Vanguard Community Holds Tributes for President Carol Taylor

Carol-Taylor-Tribute-ChapelAs the academic year comes to an end, the Vanguard University community has taken extra measures to express gratitude to President Carol Taylor for the work she has done for the University.

Vanguard University’s president, Dr. Carol Taylor, was voted President-Elect of Evangel University, an institution that is in the final stages of approval for a consolidation with Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS) and Central Bible College (CBC). Dr. Taylor will conclude her service as President of Vanguard University following the June 2013 Board of Trustees meeting.

On Wednesday, April 24, the faculty and staff held a tribute for Dr. Taylor in Needham Chapel. The following Wednesday, May 1, students attended a tribute chapel and then a reception at Newport Mesa Church.

“Both were fitting tributes to a leader and a person who is deeply cared for by the community,” Dean of Spiritual Formation Dr. Michael Beals said.  At the faculty and staff chapel, there was a time of worship, Dr. Beals shared some personal remarks and an appreciation video was played.

There was also an open mic session for faculty and staff members to come forward and share personal sentiments of gratitude. “It was very moving,” Dr. Beals said. Describing the session’s comments, he noted: “The themes were really her confidence in the Lord. A person who took personal interest in the faculty and staff members.” He then laughed and mentioned one other common comment that harkened to the great quality and consistency of the coffee in Dr. Taylor’s office.

At the student chapel, Student Government Association (SGA) President Allison Tash represented the student body with some words of gratitude and sincere appreciation for Dr. Taylor and the investment she has made in the lives of Vanguard University students. Then Dr. Beals shared a few words before students were invited outside for a reception.

The chapel was kept a little shorter to allow students a time of fellowship and interaction with Dr. Taylor. The reception gave students an opportunity to personally interact with Dr. Taylor and express their gratitude.

Read the Office of the President’s tribute to Dr. Taylor by clicking here.

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