Vanguard Alum Natasha Nelson Helps to Start Successful Business

Vanguard University alum Natasha Nelson ‘98 has found recent success with her business, Yogurtini, which has become a frozen yogurt phenomenon in the state of Arizona.

Known for its variety of flavors and unique toppings, Yogurtini has become a big hit in Arizona. However, what truly makes Yogurtini unique is its owners. Natasha, who graduated from Vanguard with a degree in business marketing in 1998, lived in California with her sister and co-founder Chelsey, until they learned their mom was diagnosed with a degenerative terminal illness. Upon receiving the news, they made it their priority to be back with her in Arizona and moved home.

While in Arizona, they realized one of their favorite things from southern California, frozen yogurt shops, had not yet began to sprout up in their local neighborhoods. So, through applying their knowledge and resources to come up with a business plan, they decided to make their own, and Yogurtini was born in May 2010.

Since their inception only less than a year ago, the sisters have received a huge loyal following, as they are looking to add on 50-100 stores on a national scale in the next 12 to 16 months. The success of Yogurtini is directly related to them sticking with their original vision of an atmosphere that offers exceptional yogurt, and freedom for customers to make their own dessert creations.

Over 75 toppings and 16 flavors grace the menu at Yougurtini. Locals who frequent the shops in Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix have fallen in love with the rows of dispensers and seemingly endless choices for toppings, not to mention the welcoming and laid back atmosphere.

At Yogurtini, Natasha and Chelsey want no flavor to be overlooked, so they have options for toppings including granola, fresh fruits, fresh candies, cereals, espresso beans and even Sriracha hot sauce to go on top of classic and unique yogurt flavors such as Classic Vanilla, Chelsey’s Cheesecake, Mango, Green Tea Tart, and Acai Tart.

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