TV Game Show to Offer $100,000 to Director of Grad Admissions Charity

Drake Levasheff is a native of southern California who has spent most of his adult life in a college setting.  He earned a BS from Biola University, an MA in New Testament Studies from Talbot School of Theology and is a PhD candidate in History of Early Christianity at University of California, Los Angeles.

Drake lives in Irvine with his wife and daughter and is active in ministry at his local church.  He has served at Vanguard University for six years.

One day this summer, Christina, Drake’s wife got an email. It was from a casting director at the Game Show Network. They were premiering a new show in the fall called “The American Bible Challenge.” The director knew that Christina was Christian and had a story to tell. She should audition.

How, might you ask, did a game show casting director know Christina? Well, let’s start with “Family Feud.” The Levasheffs were on it in 2001. They lost. Let’s just say that “survey says” teapots whistle, not birds.After “Family Feud,” there was “Let’s Make a Deal,” “Minute to Win It” (they never made it past the boot camp) and “Shop ’til You Drop” (they won a guitar).

The ” American Bible Challenge” show aired Aug. 30 with Jeff Foxworthy hosting. To top it off, Team Judson’s Legacy won, beating out two other teams in a Final Revelations nail-biter after acing other rounds, including Eye of the Tebow, My Tweet Lord and CSI Holy Land. They left with $20,000, an amount that does not come easily for rare diseases.

To read OC Register story CLICK HERE.

Team Judson’s Legacy went back on Oct. 4 for the semifinals to win and get another $20,000 and head to the finals.  The finals are to air tomorrow night, October 18 where they can score $100,000 more. The shows have already been shot, but the Levasheffs’ lips are, by contract, sealed.

God’s blessing to Drake and the Team Judson’s Legacy Team now and in the future.

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