The Lewis Wilson Institute’s Spring Seminar Dives into Vanguard University’s Rich Heritage

Teachers often ask: What’s the context? On Friday, April 12, Dr. Greg Austring, the Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies, Religion and Ethics at Vanguard University, put the Vanguard community in context as he described the University’s spiritual heritage at the Lewis Wilson Institute (LWI) Spring Seminar.

Pulling from his recently completed Ph.D. dissertation, Dr. Austring’s lecture focused on the “urgency of missions and missions outreach in early Pentecostalism,” LWI Director Dr. Derrick R. Rosenior said. The seminar’s topic was: “Early Assemblies of God Missionary Preparation: The Influence of Harold Needham and the Newly Established Southern California Bible School (Vanguard University).”

Describing Vanguard University’s religious and historical context, Dr. Austring helped attendees to better grasp the heritage they acquired when joining the Vanguard community, Dr. Rosenior explained. Dr. Austring described the Vanguard University founders’ dedication to training missionaries that inspired them to start the Southern California Bible College, which eventually became Vanguard University.

Vanguard’s identity “is part of a broader Pentecostal movement,” said Dr. Rosenior. Overall, Dr. Rosenior felt the lecture was interesting, informative and very useful for putting “Vanguard in context.”

For more information on the LWI Spring Seminar, visit their website.

Click here to learn more about Vanguard University’s history.

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