Students Reflect and Give Thanks for Vanguard University and its Supporters

gratitude_week_slider-1024x383The last week of March 2014 is Gratitude Week at Vanguard University: a time to reflect and give thanks to the people who make this Christ-centered education and experience possible.

With Instagram contests, chapel videos and thank-you notes, students are reflecting on what Vanguard has meant to them and thanking the people who support the university. Students, faculty and staff are taking time to thank Vanguard’s supporters and alumni who continue to be an integral part of this community and who help to make the Vanguard experience possible.

For the “#vuThankYou” Instagram Contest, daily thanks challenges featured various aspects of the gratitude focus. To participate, students follow Vanguard’s Instagram page (@vanguardu) and tag their daily-challenge photo with the contest name. Each day, one photo is chosen to win a prize and be featured in the office of advancement for the rest of the year.

On Monday, the challenge was to take a photo with a favorite faculty or staff member. Tuesday’s challenge was to take a personal photo writing a thank-you note or sharing some words of gratitude. Wednesday’s photos were of individuals signing the thank-you banner, and for today’s challenge, students have been taking smiling selfies. For Friday, the challenge is to post a photo of a favorite place on Vanguard’s campus.

Along with the contest, students have been encouraged to think about what they’re thankful for, sign a thank-you banner and write thank-you notes that will be sent to Vanguard’s supporters. At Wednesday’s chapel, the new Student Government Association (SGA) president, Spencer Green, encouraged students to participate in the week of gratitude and shared a little of his story. As a first generation college student, Green thanked Vanguard for providing the financial aid necessary to make his college education possible. He also expressed his gratitude for the friendships and community he’s found at Vanguard University.

Learn more about Gratitude Week and how you can become a supporter of Vanguard University, by clicking here. Also, view the winning photos by following @vanguardu on Instagram and check out all of the contest entries at #vuThankYou.

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