Stretch Those Legs and Come Out for the 2014 5K Run for Mercy

Segrove-FamilyLace up your running shoes and come to Vanguard University’s 5K Run for Mercy to benefit an alumni family in need on February 1 at 10 a.m.

One of Vanguard’s core values is building a community of support and encouragement that continues beyond graduation. In this year’s 5K Run for Mercy, the $15 registration fee and any additional donations will go to support 2-year-old Edmond Segrove, the son of Adonis and Candace (Wong ’02) Segrove.

Diagnosed with a rare brain disorder, Edmond experiences daily seizures, muscle spasms and difficulty swallowing. Medication, special equipment and hospital bills continue to be a financial challenge for the Segrove family. Vanguard looks to raise proceeds from the 5K to help Edmond receive the medical attention he needs.

With Vanguard sponsoring the 5K for her son, Candace (Wong’02) Segrove decided to write a blog post about her family’s story and Edmond. In the post, she details her Edmond’s condition and describes where the family is at now. In her last paragraph, she says: “We don’t know what God has in mind, but we know we are on His mind and He loves us.”

To register for the 5K run or make a donation, click here. To learn more about the event and other Homecoming weekend events, click here.


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