Seniors Gathered for a Waffle Bar and Fellowship at the Senior Friendsgiving Event

IMG_0057A waffle bar and a very cozy Cove greeted seniors at the Senior Friendsgiving event on Nov. 20.

The cove had a warm glow on Wednesday afternoon as Vanguard University seniors came and went. With white lights tapered across the ceiling, lamps faintly glowing and the aroma of waffle batter baking, more than 50 people came to the event, Senior Program Director Tommi Ploneis said. “Its purpose was to bring the seniors together,” she added.

Along with the waffle bar, there were board games, music, a raffle for gift cards and senior sweatshirts. Small, cutout paper leaves were available for seniors to write notes of thankfulness. Students could have a cup of hot cider and just take a break from all the work they have here at the end of the semester, Student Senator Angelique Washington said.

Both seniors, Ploneis and Washington, said their favorite part was the waffle bar. Getting to actually make the waffles themselves from the waffle maker to the toppings was the best part, they said. They also said they enjoyed being able to gather with other seniors.

Another exciting part of the event was the very wide range of seniors that came, Ploneis and Washington said. “The people there were people that we don’t see at events,” said Ploneis. The event was promoted through word of mouth and a few posters, so it was exciting to see the number of seniors that came, she added.

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