Professor Gary Tyra Writes New Book

Vanguard University Associate Professor of Biblical and Practical Theology, Dr. Gary Tyra, has announced that his third book, Christ’s Empowering Presence, will be released in early June.

Christ’s Empowering Presence is a beautiful book that touches on the notion that we all have deep longings that can be healed by Christ’s empowering presence, but that there is a constant struggle to make that a reality within our lives. In this book, Tyra claims that the cultivation of an ongoing awareness of Christ’s presence in readers’ lives will transform the life of the reader instantly and open new doorways for dynamic change inside.

Christ’s Empowering Presence is the result of a life-changing assignment from Dallas Willard that required Tyra to read over 4,000 pages from classic and contemporary works devoted to the theme of Christian spirituality. The book will challenge and cultivate readers to adhere to the disciplines of Jesus and many others, including prayer, study, fasting, solitude, silence, work, worship, celebration, fellowship, submission, confession, and service.

“I really had an experience being exposed to the dynamic of Christ’s empowering presence and it deeply affected my walk with Christ, so I wanted to share that with others,” said Tyra. “This book can be an ongoing spiritual life-source for people, filled with quotes from spiritual masters to motivate and allow readers to experience a moment-by-moment mentoring theme with Jesus.”

Christ’s Empowering Presence will be on sale June 10. For further information on the book, or to pre-order it, please visit here. To learn more about Dr. Gary Tyra and the Department of Religion at Vanguard University, visit here.