Planned power outage may affect Vanguard University campus

February 29, 2012 – The California Edison power company has a planned power outage that may affect the Vanguard University campus. The outage will take place anytime between 10:00 pm this evening and 6:00 am in the morning. Vanguard University and Campus Public Safety have taken measures to ensure the safety and comfort of students during this planned power outage.

The University has provided resources and training to all staff and student leaders, including residence life staff to provide for the safety of students on campus. The Forrest Room will be open with power provided by a generator for students to gather. In addition, the fire pits in the Towers Lobby outdoor lobby will remain on to provide light and a gathering place for students during the power outage.

Campus Public Safety will be fully staffed and able to assist students during this scheduled power outage. The University is committed to providing for the safety and care of our community, specifically students in residence. To contact public safety directly, you may call 714-966-6799.

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