Distinguished Speaker Series Hosts Russell Howell, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics, Westmont College on Tuesday, Feb 26

Vanguard University speaker series welcomes Howell Russell

Professor Howell Russell

Take a “leap of faith” and come to the Vanguard Distinguished Speaker Series on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 from 4-6 pm.  Russell Howell, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics at Westmont College will be discussing another approach to faith-based education.

The lecture is titled: Consistency, Completeness, and “Pranalogical” Approaches to Faith-Learning. Dr. Howell will introduce attendees to an avenue of faith learning that he describes with the word: “pranalogical.” Finding out this created word’s meaning is one of many reasons to mark this event on the calendar.

Discussing the four faith-learning approaches from Arthur Holmes’ well-known book, The Idea of a Christian College, Dr. Howell will introduce and intertwine his “pranalogical” approach.  Holmes’ faith-learning approaches include: the attitudinal, ethical, foundational and worldview.  Dr. Howell’s lecture will explore and define his recommended approach through examples while presenting an attitudinal posture for all Christian faculty members.

With his specialized background in complex analysis, Dr. Howell has authored more than 25 publications, including Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith, which is a Harper Collins publication, co-sponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Also, Dr. Howell has written numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals in mathematics and other notable journals, such as Christian Scholars Review.

Being an active professor, Dr. Howell has taught many courses in math, statistics and computer science, and a course named Mathematics and Philosophy in Western Culture. He has received the Westmont’s “Teacher of the Year” award twice. Along with his focus in complex analysis, he researches theological and philosophical issues relating to mathematics.

The lecture will take place in the Great Commission Hall, which is located on the second floor of the Heath Academic Center.  The event begins at 4:00 pm and concludes at 6:00 pm.  Light appetizers & refreshments will be served from 4:00-4:30 pm.

To read more on Dr. Howell, click here.

Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal Studies at Vanguard University Welcomes Top Hispanic Leaders at Annual Conference

Hispanics are transforming worldwide Pentecostal movement as fastest-growing contingent

Costa Mesa, CA, February 19, 2013 – The Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal Studies at Vanguard University announced today that it will host its annual conference on Friday, March 1, 2013. Regarded as one of the most influential Hispanic Pentecostal seminars on the West Coast, the conference will focus on the transformative role of Hispanic leadership in the rapid growth of Pentecostalism worldwide through historical lenses.

Since the Azusa Street Revival held in Los Angeles in 1906, considered the first meeting of the Pentecostal movement, Latino Pentecostal communities have increasingly mobilized into Central and South America. According to the World Christian Database, a research tool of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Pentecostals made up some 73 percent of all Latin American Protestants in 2005, boasting a worldwide growth rate of 19 million new members each year that is projected to reach 1 billion by 2050. In 2006, the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life noted that Pentecostals represented the most rapidly growing sector of Latin American Protestantism.

“The growth rate of new Latino Pentecostals has been steady since the Pew reports, particularly in the Assemblies of God denomination,” says Dr. Derrick Rosenior, director of the Lewis Wilson institute for Pentecostal Studies. “While the Pentecostal movement has always emphasized racial equality, what we are seeing now is the realization that what was previously a vacuum of Hispanic leadership here in the United States and around the world is dramatically shifting. The Hispanic contingent has been a major factor in the consistent growth of Pentecostalism and will continue to be so.”

Renowned Hispanic Pentecostal scholars Drs. Jesse Miranda, Gaston Espinosa, and Isaac Canales, and the Revs. Samuel Rodriguez, and Fernando Tamara will share a theological and historical interpretation of how the Hispanic Pentecostal movement was formed in the 20th century, and the current place of the movement today.

“The Latino Church is experiencing unprecedented growth,” says Reverend Fernando Tamara. “What Victor de Leon so prophetically writes about in his visionary book The Silent Pentecostal has transpired. As Dr. Espinosa so aptly conveys in Silent No More, Hispanics are the current and future leaders of the imminent Pentecostal global movement.”

Media is invited to attend a brief press conference the morning of the event from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. at the Great Commission Hall at Vanguard University.

For more information on the Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal Studies Conference, please visit vanguard.edu/lwi

MEDIA CONTACT: Shana Martin, Director of Communications at Vanguard University

Vanguard University Theater Department Debuts ‘Development’ – A Contemporary Drama

English professor’s original work plumbs the depths of human minds and hearts

Costa Mesa, CA, February 19, 2013 – Vanguard University’s highly acclaimed and award-winning department of theatre arts presents Development. Written by Warren Doody, a Vanguard University English professor who teaches courses in playwriting, screenwriting, and Shakespeare, this original work will be presented on March 1 through March 10, 2013 in the Vanguard Lyceum Theater.

The story of Development draws audiences into an isolated medical clinic in the Mojave Desert, where a dying man is visited by the two sons he abandoned, twenty years earlier. This reunion proves more Pandora’s Box than reconciliation, releasing a lineage of madness and mayhem, with only the slimmest chance at redemption. Through the lens of theatre, Development reveals the nature and tragedy of schizophrenia, its secrets and symptoms, and the potentially healing powers of family.

“In my preliminary discussions with Susan Berkompas, chair of the theater arts department who had asked me to write a play about mental illness in 2009, she suggested that the script be focused on a family, rightly contending that a ‘disease of the mind’ carries consequences for every one of its members,” says Doody, in describing the genesis of this project. “However, given the stigmas attached, it’s an issue that is often swept under the proverbial rug and hidden from public view. Development is the result of those early talks: a contemporary drama, steeped in the tenets of Greek tragedy, designed to enlighten and educate and hold a mirror up to the shadowy world of mental illness.”

Performance dates and times are March 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9 at 8:00 pm; and March 2, 9 and 10 at 2:00 pm.

All shows are presented on the campus of Vanguard University, in the Lyceum Theater. Ticket prices are $14 for general admission and $12 for seniors, children, groups and college students. Tickets may be purchased at www.vanguardtickets.com or by calling the Theatre Department box office at 714-668-6145.

For additional information about the Theatre Department visit vanguard.edu/theatre

MEDIA CONTACT: Shana Martin, Director of Communications at Vanguard University

Exclusive Radio Interview with President Carol Taylor and Vanguard Students on Program She Listened to as a Youth

Vanguard University President Carol Taylor Interviewing no Haven Today

It began as The Haven of Rest, a radio program that emerged from the redemptive story of a well-known Los Angeles radio personality in the early 1930′s.  After destroying a successful career in radio, hitting rock bottom, and accepting Christ as his Savior, Paul Myers created The Haven of Rest which brought thousands to faith in Christ.

A few thousand miles across the country and a few decades later, a young girl named Carol and her family listened to The Haven of Rest on WMBI in Chicago.  Young Carol had no idea where it was recorded; but that didn’t matter.  She eagerly anticipated each broadcast with its endearing messages of love, redemption, and hope.

Charles Morris of Haven Today meets Vanguard President Carol Taylor

President Taylor meets Charles Morris

Fast forward a few decades.   Dr. Carol Taylor, President of Vanguard University is listening to HAVEN Today on her iPod, as she often does in the morning as she gets ready for work.  One day, she meets a man named Charles Morris, Speaker and President of Haven Ministries.  When he finds out she is President Taylor of Vanguard University, he asks her if she might be interested in broadcasting from Vanguard University.  You see, there is another connection between Haven and Vanguard.  Three of the original members of the quartet are Vanguard (then Southern California Bible School) alumni!

Vanguard students discuss how to balance college life as Christians

SGA President Allison Tash answers questions about being a college student of faith

Be sure to listen to HAVEN Today on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, for this exclusive interview with President Carol Taylor, and on Feb 20, 2013 to hear Vanguard students – SGA President Allison Tash, Jonathan Murillo, Marina Plott, Sara Gonzales, and Thomas Sutton – address the challenges of being a college student and a Christian in today’s world, the value of a Christian education, and what God means to them.

Vanguard students interview about Christian life as a student

Sara Gonzales thoughtfully respond to Charles Morris on the value of a Christian education

Click here for a listing of California stations that broadcast Haven Today:

Santa Ana/San Clemente station:

Santa Ana/San Clemente – KWVE-FM  107.9FM  M-F 2pm

Student-run, Fifth Annual Environmental Sustainability Conference at Vanguard University Deemed a Success!

Vanguard University Enactus conference keynote speaker is Martin Diedrich of Kean coffee

Martin Diedrich speaks at Enactus conference

It was a rainy day here in Southern California last Friday, but the mood at the Environmental Sustainability Conference held at Newport Mesa Church on the Vanguard University campus was bright and hopeful.  About what?  That businesses will start embracing an environmental-friendly philosophy.

Enactus, a student environmental advocacy group, welcomed business leaders, community residents, and students who gathered to listen to experts address the increasing global concerns over the harmful impact businesses have had on the planet.  Keynote speaker Martin Diedrich, of Kéan Coffee, and other guest speakers discussed ways to implement sustainable business practices while not adversely impacting their bottom line.

Over 120 people attended the event which included students not only from  Vanguard but also from other colleges such as UC Irvine, Golden West College, and Orange Coast College.

Student advocacy group,  Enactus, holds Environmental Sustainability Conference at Vanguard University

Enactus student leaders

Vanguard  junior Elizabeth Vasquez, who served as coordinator for the conference said, “I feel the event overall was a success and that everyone wanted to be there and they walked away with a greater knowledge about sustainability.”

Guest speaker and sponsor Becky Rosaler, with Plant with Purpose, said “Last year I attended and it inspired me to get a degree in sustainability.  Now I am back as a speaker for Plant with Purpose.

Feedback from students and attendees were also extremely positive.  One attendee said, “I was not going to stay for the entire conference, but it was so good I stayed till the end!”

“I learned a lot of new information such as composting and food waste, that we can actually do ourselves!” said another attendee.

Vasquez added, ” All of our speakers had a fully engaged audience, and so did our exhibitors. It was obvious to our guest that our speakers and exhibitors were doing something they loved.  The speakers were thrilled to speak about what they are doing to help the environment and to educate about current environmental issues. The success of this conference is motivating me to be the project coordinator for next year’s conference and make it even better!”

When asked what he found particularly memorable about the event, Michael Newton, co-founder of one of the sponsors, Guayaki, said, “the invaluable perspective offered up from Martin Diedrich, revealing the passion he has for his coffee, along with the respect he has for his growers, and the struggles he encountered when bringing the family business public.  He confirmed for me the simple rewards in having a more locally-focussed business with Kéan Coffee and maintaining a close watch on their offerings and impact on the planet.  Additionally, I quite enjoyed the variety of positive organizations that tabled at the event which brought a range of great programs, products, and initiatives to create a more harmonious society.”

Guayaki Yerba Mate at Vanguard University conference

Guayaki Yerba Mate

    Sponsors included:

  • Kéan Coffee, a purveyor of fresh-roasted artisan coffee the way it is meant to be, in a beautiful, eclectic coffeehouse environment.
  • Fit for Green, which partners with companies that retrofit gym equipment so that energy created by users can be captured
  • Costa Mesa Sanitary District, which  provides curbside trash collection and sewer services to residents in the city of Costa Mesa, portions of Newport Beach and unincorporated sections of Orange County
  • Pasadena Heritage, which strives to identify, preserve and protect the historic, architectural, and cultural resources of the City of Pasadena through advocacy, education, and oral histories
  • Gray Designs, a company environmentalist Patricia Gray founded to showcase her art which includes: Mixed Media, Oil, Watercolor, Ceramic Tile and Upcycle Art including glass slumping
  • Plant with Purpose, a Christian, environmental non-profit organization that transforms lives in rural areas worldwide where poverty is caused by deforestation
  • OC Green Drinks, which organizes a casual, monthly get together for anyone and everyone interested in chatting about and advocating all things “green”.
  • Center for Living Peace, a non-profit peace education center dedicated to empowering people to make Good Happen and be part of the solution in their local community
  • Guayake Yerba Mate, a stimulant from the South American Atlantic Rainforest that encompasses the strong energizing effects of coffee, more antioxidants than green tea and the euphoric qualities of dark chocolateAttendees and Vanguard students line up for Enactus conference

Featured Speakers included:

  • Jesse Baker, founder, Ecofficiency
  • Becky Rosaler, marketing and events coordinator, Plant With Purpose
  • John Spirko, founder and chief executive officer, Fit For Green
  • Dr. Francene Caplin, professor and certified master composter
  • Claire Cummings, west coast fellow, Bon Appétit Management Company Foundation