Huntington Hall’s Men Wooed the Ladies of Vanguard University at the Annual Woo Fest

WooFestEvery chair in Newport Mesa Church (NMC) was filled on Nov. 21 for the annual Woo Fest. It was a night of girlish squeals, laughter and, most importantly, wooing.

Each year, Woo Fest provides a setting for the men of Vanguard University’s Huntington Hall to woo the ladies with their witty humor, impressive dance skills and chivalrous conduct. For Woo Fest, each floor of Huntington Hall is given a small time slot to perform whatever they think will most impress the ladies. Dances, music videos, a cappella groups, glow sticks and even a wrecking ball appeared in this year’s performances.

With the theme of a classy Gatsby party, created from ideas in the book and movie, Woo Fest hosted many ladies flashing ’20s attire and gentleman sporting slacks and button-ups. Vanguard University President Michael J Beals, Ph. D., joined the fun by playing the role of Mr. Gatsby, the host of the Woo Fest party. At one point, president Beals invited his wife, Faith, playing the role of Ms. Daisy for the evening, up onto the stage. He then strummed a giant cello and serenaded her in front of the packed house.

From the time the women arrived outside NMC’s doors to the after party in the Tower’s lobby, the gentleman of Huntington Hall wooed them. Before the doors opened, the ladies formed a long line outside the beautifully lit NMC courtyard, which had a place for photos and then a red carpet leading into the church. After taking a couple pictures, the ladies were escorted along the red carpet to a seat inside the church. Once inside, the women waited in anticipation for the performances.

Speaking on the event, Huntington Hall Resident Assistant Lucas Brawner said: “The sole purpose of it is to woo, impress, the women of Vanguard.” Brawner and fellow RA Jaime Saravia planned the event. “The men get to show the women what they’re all about,” Saravia said.

As juniors, this was Brawner and Saravia’s third Woo Fest. They said they enjoy the preparation and the performance. “One of the best side affects is the guys getting closer,” Brawner said.

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Vanguard University Ranks No. 4 in the U.S. News and World Report’s Best Colleges for Veterans in the West Region

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 3.29.43 PMIn the U.S. News and World Report’s 2014 Best Colleges for Veterans, Vanguard University ranked No. 4 for the West Regional Colleges category.

According to the U.S. News and World Report’s site, the schools that receive these rankings are “the top-ranked schools in the Best Colleges rankings that participate in federal initiatives helping veterans and active service members apply, pay for and complete their degrees.” Vanguard was one of 234 ranked schools.

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Seniors Gathered for a Waffle Bar and Fellowship at the Senior Friendsgiving Event

IMG_0057A waffle bar and a very cozy Cove greeted seniors at the Senior Friendsgiving event on Nov. 20.

The cove had a warm glow on Wednesday afternoon as Vanguard University seniors came and went. With white lights tapered across the ceiling, lamps faintly glowing and the aroma of waffle batter baking, more than 50 people came to the event, Senior Program Director Tommi Ploneis said. “Its purpose was to bring the seniors together,” she added.

Along with the waffle bar, there were board games, music, a raffle for gift cards and senior sweatshirts. Small, cutout paper leaves were available for seniors to write notes of thankfulness. Students could have a cup of hot cider and just take a break from all the work they have here at the end of the semester, Student Senator Angelique Washington said.

Both seniors, Ploneis and Washington, said their favorite part was the waffle bar. Getting to actually make the waffles themselves from the waffle maker to the toppings was the best part, they said. They also said they enjoyed being able to gather with other seniors.

Another exciting part of the event was the very wide range of seniors that came, Ploneis and Washington said. “The people there were people that we don’t see at events,” said Ploneis. The event was promoted through word of mouth and a few posters, so it was exciting to see the number of seniors that came, she added.

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Students Will Lace their Skates for Vanguard’s All School Christmas Ice Skate

vusc_lightsLace up your skates, leave behind your worries, and enjoy a night of ice-skating and more at the all school Christmas Ice Skate.

On Dec. 2, Vanguard University’s Student Government Association (SGA) will host the all school Christmas ice skate at the Irvine Spectrum Center’s ice rink. There will be cookie decorating, a hot chocolate bar, an ugly sweater contest and, of course, ice-skating.

Welcome to Whoville is the theme for the event and some Whos will be in attendance, Freshman Program Director Regine Bell said. As a freshman planning an all school event, Bell said it has been hectic and fun. “I like seeing things come together almost like puzzle pieces,” she said. She added that she is most looking forward to seeing students come out, take a break from the stress of the end of the semester and just “enjoy the atmosphere.”

Admitting that she is not much of an ice-skater, Bell said she is focusing on creating a well-rounded event that students skating and not skating can enjoy. As a freshman entering the Vanguard community, Bell said participating in school events like this “reminds you that you’re now part of this family.” Students should “come to enjoy each other’s company as a community,” she said.

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Lions Volleyball Receives Bye for NAIA National Championship Tournament

heenan516Currently sitting at 9th in the country for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), Vanguard University’s volleyball team received an automatic bid to the national tournament.

Finishing 3rd in the Golden State Athletic Conference (GSAC) and receiving an NAIA At-Large qualification of No. 3 for nationals, Lions volleyball received an Opening Round bye. Receiving the automatic bid lifts the burden of an Opening Round match and allows the Lions to spend the next couple of weeks preparing for nationals. The NAIA national tournament will be held in Sioux City, Iowa from Dec. 3-7.

The Lions finished regular season play with a 22-6 record. A major highlight of the season came when the Lions beat the No. 2-ranked Concordia Eagles, giving the Eagles their first GSAC loss since 2008. “I think our team has done an incredible job pushing through and competing through this long and tough GSAC season,” Lions volleyball coach Eryn Leja said.

Speaking of her team and the road ahead, Leja said: “It will definitely be a grind for them to get through the next week and a half, preparing to compete for a national title, but the heartbeat of this team has grown stronger with each match, and I feel we will have a successful post-season.”

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