Legally Blonde Musical Packed with People and Laughs

legally_blonde_artA whirlwind of pink blew across the Lyceum Theater stage on April 11-26 for Vanguard University’s Department of Theatre Arts production of Legally Blonde the Musical.

With a packed house almost every night and the chance to make new friends, the musical was a huge success, actor and dancer Kara Kenney said. The musical lined up well with the movie and was a “blast” to make, she added.

Having no prior experience performing in a show, Kenney said she was very hesitant about auditioning, but after continual encouragement from a friend, she gave in and went to tryouts. With her high school dance experience and natural talent, Kenney received not only a dancing role and the position of assistant choreographer, but also the role of Chutney Windham, the lead witness in the court case.

Looking back on her experience, Kenney said: “Performing is such a major passion of mine. I’m glad I did it.” Kenney said she was proud of herself for taking the chance and putting in the many hours of hard work for the show. With rehearsals Monday through Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., the musical required a lot of time and effort, but Kenney said the performances made it all worth it. Her favorite part was “being together and working together toward putting together a great show,” she said.

Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture, Heather Hatch’s Legally Blonde the Musical is peppy, playful and stays true to the movie. Set for success, the musical featured music and lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin, and Vanguard’s Vanda Eggington directed it. The musical playfully portrayed the story of the blonde, decked in pink and ready to rock the world of Harvard Law main character, Elle Woods. Audiences watched Elle’s journey from trying to win back her boyfriend at law school to winning a court case instead.

Passionate about the redeeming qualities of the story that are often missed, Eggington said: “It is a triumphant story about anyone who has ever let others dictate his or her own worth.” The musical shows Elle’s journey to find that “her true worth is much more than skin deep and greater than she could have ever imagined,” Eggington said.

To learn more about the play, click here.

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