Juniors Party Like Senior Citizens at Bingo Night

imageJuniors turned senior citizens took their “pills” or rather, candies in medicine cups, and scratched out their bingo cards with prize-winning hopes on February 4 at 9:30 p.m. in The Cove.

Dressed as elderly folk, juniors packed The Cove eating pizza and snacks while the “nurses”, Student Government Association (SGA) members, picked numbers from a bingo ball cage. Junior Program Director Corrine Meekhof and Junior Senator Daley Pennington planned and coordinated the event.

One of Meekhof’s goals for Bingo Night was to create an event for the juniors to enjoy while also making them proud to be a part of their class. When she heard students of other classes wishing they were juniors so they could go, she knew she’d met her goal.

Turnout for the event also showed Meekhof’s goal was successful. Event workers had to bring in more tables and chairs from the patio as juniors filled The Cove. Meekhof and Pennington said they were thrilled by the turnout. The event exceeded expectations and succeeded in getting students who don’t normally attend class events to come, Meekhof said. “I was stoked that there were so many athletes and commuters,” Pennington said and mentioned that they rarely show up to these events.

Not only did Bingo Night provide food and fun, there were also prizes to be won. Seven very exciting prizes were up for grabs in these bingo games. Prizes were labeled as: “The Starving College Student”, “The Body Builder”, “The Coffee Lover”, “The Happiest Day on Earth”, “The Sports Fanatic”, “Junior Senior Banquet” and a costume contest winner. Prizes included a wide range of items, from gift cards to Disneyland tickets. Regardless of winning or losing, it was apparent that everyone enjoyed a great night of food, laughter and bingo.

To learn more about SGA events, click here.

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