Junior Senior Banquet Revealed on Monday Night, February 25, after Classes Battled on Heath Lawn

Vanguard University clash of classesBattle lines formed Monday night, February 25, when the junior and senior classes faced off on the slippery, wet grass of Heath Lawn in preparation for the reveal of the Junior Senior Banquet’s date, theme and venue.

Drumroll please…on April 5 at 7:00 p.m., the Junior Senior Banquet (JSB) will take flight with the theme of “Flying to the Moon” at the Turnip Rose venue. The big reveal came through a classy video with music fit for the theme and the 50-60 students in attendance gave shouts of approval at its conclusion.

Before the reveal, the event had a very different mood as the “Clash of the Classes” kicked off with a classic schoolyard game: dodge ball. Junior Vasili Brasinikas detailed the event’s lineup having various games of junior guys combatting senior guys and then junior girls battling senior girls. When asked whom he believed the final victors were, Brasinikas answered, with a hint of bias, “the juniors.”

With an ice cream truck serving ice cream sandwiches made from various flavors squished between students’ cookies of choice, the night was bound for greatness. “There was a fun game, free ice cream, it doesn’t get much better,” Brasinikas said.

The senior class activities director, Anjolie Phillips, planned and coordinated the event with the help of various Student Government Association members and other students. Commenting on the dodge ball games, Phillips said with a smile: “we had a lot of people out there playing their hearts out.” When detailing their goal in creating a fun event for the top-secret reveal, Phillips said she considered the turnout and overall event a success.

To watch the JSB reveal video, click here.

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