Huntington Hall’s Men Wooed the Ladies of Vanguard University at the Annual Woo Fest

WooFestEvery chair in Newport Mesa Church (NMC) was filled on Nov. 21 for the annual Woo Fest. It was a night of girlish squeals, laughter and, most importantly, wooing.

Each year, Woo Fest provides a setting for the men of Vanguard University’s Huntington Hall to woo the ladies with their witty humor, impressive dance skills and chivalrous conduct. For Woo Fest, each floor of Huntington Hall is given a small time slot to perform whatever they think will most impress the ladies. Dances, music videos, a cappella groups, glow sticks and even a wrecking ball appeared in this year’s performances.

With the theme of a classy Gatsby party, created from ideas in the book and movie, Woo Fest hosted many ladies flashing ’20s attire and gentleman sporting slacks and button-ups. Vanguard University President Michael J Beals, Ph. D., joined the fun by playing the role of Mr. Gatsby, the host of the Woo Fest party. At one point, president Beals invited his wife, Faith, playing the role of Ms. Daisy for the evening, up onto the stage. He then strummed a giant cello and serenaded her in front of the packed house.

From the time the women arrived outside NMC’s doors to the after party in the Tower’s lobby, the gentleman of Huntington Hall wooed them. Before the doors opened, the ladies formed a long line outside the beautifully lit NMC courtyard, which had a place for photos and then a red carpet leading into the church. After taking a couple pictures, the ladies were escorted along the red carpet to a seat inside the church. Once inside, the women waited in anticipation for the performances.

Speaking on the event, Huntington Hall Resident Assistant Lucas Brawner said: “The sole purpose of it is to woo, impress, the women of Vanguard.” Brawner and fellow RA Jaime Saravia planned the event. “The men get to show the women what they’re all about,” Saravia said.

As juniors, this was Brawner and Saravia’s third Woo Fest. They said they enjoy the preparation and the performance. “One of the best side affects is the guys getting closer,” Brawner said.

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