Faculty Directory






Andrus Rachelle Undergraduate College History and Political Science rachelle.andrus@vanguard.edu
Arnold Dixie Undergraduate College Liberal Studies darnold@vanguard.edu
Austring Greg Undergraduate College Leadership Studies gaustring@vanguard.edu
Avans Diana Undergraduate College Kinesiology davans@vanguard.edu
Berkompas Susan Undergraduate College Theatre Arts sberkompas@vanguard.edu
Brownlee Jamie School for Professional Studies School for Professional Studies JBrownlee@vanguard.edu
Camery-Hoggatt Jerry Undergraduate College Biblical Studies jerrych@vanguard.edu
Campbell Dale Undergraduate College Kinesiology dale.campbell@vanguard.edu
Carmody Tom Undergraduate College Communication Studies tcarmody@vanguard.edu
Clarke Edward Undergraduate College Anthropology & Sociology eclarke@vanguard.edu
Cleveland Ann-Caryn Undergraduate College Cinema/Digital Media acleveland@vanguard.edu
Colvin Jeannie Graduate Psychology Clinical Psychology jeannie.colvin@vanguard.edu
Covetta Mel Library Library mcovetta@vanguard.edu
Crenshaw Pam Library Library pcrenshaw@vanguard.edu
D’Auria Stephanie Undergraduate College Anthropology & Sociology stephanie.dauria@vanguard.edu
Degelman Claudia School for Professional Studies Psychology cdegelman@vanguard.edu
Degelman Doug Undergraduate College Undergraduate Psychology ddegelman@vanguard.edu
Dogterom Bill Undergraduate College Leadership Studies bdogterom@vanguard.edu
Doody Warren Undergraduate College English wdoody@vanguard.edu
Dovel Randy Undergraduate College Biology rldovel@vanguard.edu
Dulin Noreen Undergraduate College Undergraduate Psychology ndulin@vanguard.edu
English Alison Library Library aenglish@vanguard.edu
Farris Shari School for Professional Studies Liberal Studies/Early Childhood Education shari.farris@vanguard.edu
Fee Jennifer Graduate Psychology Clinical Psychology drfee@visionquestpsychologicalservices.com
Fisher Trish School for Professional Studies Business and Management tfisher@vanguard.edu
Foerch Kenneth Undergraduate College Music kfoerch@vanguard.edu
Gaunty-Porter Dolores Graduate Education Graduate Education dgauntyporter@vanguard.edu
Gesell Brenda Graduate Psychology Clinical Psychology bgesell@vanguard.edu
Gil Magali (Mikki) Graduate Education Graduate Education mgil@vanguard.edu
Gil Vince Undergraduate College Anthropology & Sociology vgil@vanguard.edu
Glancey Gregory Undergraduate College Music gglancey@vanguard.edu
Grove Doug Graduate Education Graduate Education dgrove@vanguard.edu
Guerra Darren Undergraduate College History & Political Science dguerra@vanguard.edu
Hatch Laurie Undergraduate College English laurie.hatch@vanguard.edu
Hamilton Ann Administration Vice-President for Student Affairs officevpsa@vanguard.edu
Hamilton Judy Registrar Registrar jhamilton@vanguard.edu
Hansen Lia Undergraduate College Theatre Arts lia.hansen@vanguard.edu
Heuser Roger Graduate Religion Leadership Studies rheuser@vanguard.edu
Hittenberger Jeff Administration Provost officeoftheprovost@vanguard.edu
Howard Julie Undergraduate College Clinical Psychology jhoward@vanguard.edu
Huff, Jr. James Undergraduate College Anthropology & Sociology jhuff@vanguard.edu
Hummel Karen (K.J.) Undergraduate College Undergraduate Psychology khummel@vanguard.edu
Israel Rich Graduate Religion Religion richard.israel@vanguard.edu
Kane Sylvia Graduate Education Graduate Education sylvia.kane@vanguard.edu
Killian Ken Undergraduate College Liberal Studies kkillian@vanguard.edu
Lee Arthur Undergraduate College Mathematics arthur.lee@vanguard.edu
Lee Karen Undergraduate College English klee@vanguard.edu
Lorance Edward (Ted) Undergraduate College Chemistry tlorance@vanguard.edu
Macchia Frank Graduate Religion Biblical Studies fmacchia@vanguard.edu
Marley David Undergraduate College History and Political Science dmarley@vanguard.edu
Melton James Undergraduate College Music jmelton@vanguard.edu
Miller Cecil Undergraduate College Biology cmiller@vanguard.edu
Moore Jonathan Undergraduate College Cinema/Digital Media jonathan.moore@vanguard.edu
Morgan Sandra Global Center for Women and Justice Global Center for Women and Justice sandra.morgan@vanguard.edu
Moyers Timothy Graduate Psychology Clinical Psychology tmoyers@vanguard.edu
Nipper Elena Library Library enipper@vanguard.edu
Nishie Karen Undergraduate College Communication Studies knishie@vanguard.edu
Pecoraro David Undergraduate College Theatre Arts dpecoraro@vanguard.edu
Petersen Doug Graduate Religion Religion dpetersen@vanguard.edu
Prado Joni Undergraduate College Music joni.prado@vanguard.edu
Praslova Ludmila Undergraduate College Undergraduate Psychology lpraslova@vanguard.edu
Reid Susanne Undergraduate College Music sreid@vanguard.edu
Renold Carl Undergraduate College Undergraduate Psychology crenold@vanguard.edu
Riggs Tracy Undergraduate College Business and Management tracy.riggs@vanguard.edu
Rosenior Derrick Undergraduate College Communication Studies drosenior@vanguard.edu
Rouse Barbi Learning Center Learning Center brouse@vanguard.edu
Rybarczyk Ed Undergraduate College Biblical Studies erybarczyk@vanguard.edu
Sirvent Daniel Undergraduate College Business and Management daniel.sirvent@vanguard.edu
Sirvent Tara Undergraduate College Chemistry & Biology tsirvent@vanguard.edu
Stachowiak Bonni Undergraduate College Business and Management bstachowiak@vanguard.edu
Stephens Carolyn Graduate Business Business and Management cstephens@vanguard.edu
Taylor Carol Administration President officeofthepresident@vanguard.edu
Ternes Jerry Graduate Education Liberal Studies jternes@vanguard.edu
True Sonya Library Library sonya.true@vanguard.edu
Tyra Gary Undergraduate College Biblical Studies gtyra@vanguard.edu
Wadlow Marvin Undergraduate College Cinema/Digital Media marvin.wadlow@vanguard.edu
Westbrook April Undergraduate College Biblical Studies awestbrook@vanguard.edu
Westbrook Edwin Undergraduate College Business ewestbrook@vanguard.edu
White Jerre Graduate Psychology Clinical Psychology jwhite@vanguard.edu
Wickman Mary School for Professional Studies/Graduate Nursing Nursing mary.wickman@vanguard.edu
Wilson John Undergraduate College History and Political Science jwilson@vanguard.edu
Wilson Julia School for Professional Studies Nursing julia.wilson@vanguard.edu
Wilson Mary Library Library mwilson@vanguard.edu
Wilson Mike Undergraduate College Dean of the College mdwilson@vanguard.edu
Wilson Robert Athletics Athletics bwilson@vanguard.edu
Woodrow James Undergraduate College Business and Management jwoodrow@vanguard.edu
York Colette Graduate Nursing Nursing colette.york@vanguard.edu
Zeigler Terry Undergraduate College Kinesiology tzeigler@vanguard.edu