El Puente to Host Night of Latin Music and Dance

BiggerCafeFlyerSalsa and hot chocolate, a mix that is only good when one is a dance and the other a drink. Come to El Puente’s Café con Leche for a night of Latin music and dance, pan dulce and hot chocolate.

On Nov. 22, starting at 8:30 p.m., The Cove will transform into a warm café with hot beverages, lamps and a stage. There will be live performances of authentic Latin music and dance followed by a video. El Puente’s club president, Heidi Lepe said the event will have a “very intimate setting” that will “welcome people to see the culture in a different way.”

As the leader of El Puente, one of Vanguard University’s diversity clubs, Lepe said her goal is to make all students feel welcome and “at home in the culture.” The club helps students to connect and explore the rich cultural heritage of Latin America. With the help of her seven cabinet members, Lepe plans and prepares for all of El Puente’s events. Café con Leche will be their last event for the fall semester.

To learn more about Vanguard’s diversity clubs and their events, click here.

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