Champion of $140,000 and of Judson’s Legacy

Vanguard University Director of Graduate Admissions, Drake Levasheff and his “Team Judson’s Legacy” have won on the finale on Game Show Network’s The Great American Bible Challenge–a new Bible trivia TV game show that puts modern twists on its questions, like ‘what verse did NFL quarterback Tim Tebow paint on his face?’  After three shows including the grand finale, a $140,000 of winnings will go to a New York research facility.

The winnings to Judson’s Legacy will go to help develop and sustain a Myelin Repair Lab at the Hunter James Kelly Research Institute in Buffalo, NY, which is trying to find a cure for the disease that killed the California family’s young son, as well as the son of Buffalo Bills Hall of Famer Jim Kelly.

The Levasheffs, who live in Irvine, Calif., discovered Buffalo when the nonprofit that Jim and Jill Kelly started contacted them. Since 2008, the summer after Christina Levasheff’s son died, she and her husband have gone to Ellicottville for a leukodystrophy symposium and family support gathering with expenses paid by the Hunter’s Hope Foundation.

Last year, the foundation helped found the institute to focus on disorders related to the dysfunction of the fatty white nerve coating in the brain, myelin. Krabbe disease, the resulting affliction that struck Hunter Kelly and Judson, causes motor skills to malfunction and ultimately leads to death.

The research focus inspired Levasheff’s game show ambition. All contestants must dedicate their winnings to a charity. She wanted a legacy for her son and to help fund and expand a lab within the institute devoted to repairing myelin.

“He  was really bright and really articulate, and you would have never imagined there was a deadly disease lurking in his body,” she said of Judson. “He was missing an enzyme in his body, so toxins were building up, and at some point it just triggers disease onset. … In a matter of five months, he went completely paralyzed, blind and mute.”

Judson Levasheff was a precious little boy whose body was suddenly and rapidly ravaged by Krabbe Disease.  Through his legacy, lives are being changed.  Learn more about Jud and Krabbe at

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