Scott Tennant to Give Guitar Master Class at Vanguard

On Thursday, April 7, from 1:00pm-3:00pm, one of the world’s premiere guitar virtuosos, Scott Tennant, will be giving a guitar master class at Vanguard University in Needham Chapel.

The event will consist of Tennant describing the journey that has led him to where he is at today, followed by a performance of the Vanguard guitar students and ending with Tennant offering his critiques of the performances. After the class, Tennant will perform for those present in a special concert. The class will be highly entertaining, thoroughly engaging, and deeply insightful for all music lovers.

A favorite at guest orchestras, music series, and major guitar festivals around the world, Tennant is also a founding member of the Grammy-winning ensemble L.A. Guitar Quartet (LAGQ), who is now in their 30th year. He has made numerous recordings as a soloist on the GHA and Delos labels, and with members of the LAGQ has recorded for GHA, Delos, Sony Classical, Windham Hill, Deutsche Grammophon and Telarc labels. Their Telarc release “LAGQ Latin” was nominated for a Grammy and “LAGQ’s Guitar Heroes” won a Grammy as the best classical crossover recording of 2005.

Tennant is a well-known teacher and author and currently has eight books to his name. His first book, Pumping Nylon, is an advanced book on classical guitar technique used by students and teachers at some of the world’s most prestigious guitar programs that has become a ‘cult’ classic due to it being the only book of its kind.

Currently, Tennant lives in the Los Angeles area and is on the faculties of the USC Thornton School of Music and the Pasadena Conservatory of Music.

The event is open to all students. For further information on Scott Tennant, please visit

Vanguard University Lewis Wilson Institute Presents Spring Seminar

On Friday, April 15, from 2:00pm-4:00pm, Vanguard University’s Lewis Wilson Institute will host their spring seminar “Hispanic Pentecostalism in the United States.” Conducted by Dr. Arlene Sanchez-Walsh, the seminar will be held in the Heath Academic Center room 109.

Sanchez-Walsh is an associate professor of church history and Latino church studies for the Graduate School of Theology at Azusa Pacific University. In 2005, Sanchez-Walsh received the Hispanic Theological Initiative’s Book Award for her book, Latino Pentecostal Identity: Evangelical Faith, Self and Society. She is on the steering committee of the Evangelical Theology section of the American Academy of Religion also has membership in the Society of Pentecostal Studies, American Society of Church History and the Society of the Scientific Study of Religion.

The lecture itself will be a great opportunity to look at how Hispanic Pentecostalism has developed throughout time in the United States and how it continues to grow and affect the lives of many. It will be a fantastic opportunity to gain a better understanding of a subject that will help to gain a more full comprehension of the Pentecostal tradition.

“This is a great lecture for VU students because it will provide them the opportunity to hear about the history of Hispanic Pentecostalism that is important to our Pentecostal faith tradition and to learn about a subject they may have not heard much about before,” says Dr. Derrick Rosenior, associate professor of communication and director of the Lewis Wilson Institute.

The Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal Studies seeks to encourage and support the study of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. It does so by serving as a conference and research center for scholars, church leaders, students and others interested in probing the historical significance and the contemporary global role of Pentecostalism and the Charismatic movements.

The Lewis Wilson Institute organizes conferences, lectureships, seminars and roundtables that focus on new Pentecostal scholarship and contemporary issues facing Pentecostalism and the Charismatic Renewal.

For more information, visit the Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal Studies. Chapel credit will be given for Vanguard University students who attend this event.

Alum Violeta Alvarez Helping to Rebuild Bell Community

Vanguard University alum Violeta Alvarez, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, is running for City Council for the city of Bell, California, and helping to rebuild the community.

Alvarez, a resident of Bell for over 31 years, has worked as a Los Angeles County social services worker for 19 years by determining whether people who seek social services are eligible for government assistance. She is one of ten candidates running for a full term on the City Council for the upcoming term following a salary scandal that nearly shattered the city.

“I was happy the truth finally came out,” said Alvarez in a recent article on “I didn’t know how much the salaries were, but there was sadness because I knew that money, however much, was coming out of our community.

Thanks to her efforts, and those of others within the community, the city is on its way to reform.

Relying on her experience as a former leader of the Bell Association to Stop the Abuse (BASTA), the city’s largest reform group, where her roles include going on 3:00am flier runs and calling countless neighbors and community members, she is one of four members of a slate of candidates called United 4 Bell. Their goal is to help reform the city and strengthen the community that was severely weakened, but not broken, by the scandal.

Although at first she was reluctant to run for City Council, she turned to her faith and realized that she needed to step up and bring change. After receiving much support from members in the community, she is making sure she is leaving an impact.

“People were asking me why I want to run and I said it’s because I like to help people,” said Alvarez in the same article. “I don’t have all the answers, but I’m willing to look for the answers and to try to have the city back to how it used to be 31 years ago or even better.”

Alvarez has two children: a son, 12, who attends Magnolia Science Academy, and a daughter, 24, who is studying criminal justice at East LA college.

For further information on Alvarez and her efforts within the Bell City Council, click here.

Vanguard Alum Donna K. Wallace Helps Publish New Book

Vanguard University alum Donna K. Wallace ’96, who graduated from Vanguard with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s in theological studies in religion, recently collaborated with authors Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz in publishing their new book, The Healthy Home.

The Healthy Home takes readers on a tour of a specific home to look at the surprisingly vast array of health risks people are exposed to on an everyday basis by way of everyday products and behaviors of a modern family. Readers will learn about degenerative effects of toxins in the home and receive simple solutions to help minimize exposure without giving up convenience.

The book itself is designed to focus on the most important environment to people—their home—and the problems that can most easily be lessened or eliminated to help create a more healthy and happy life.

Wallace has penned fifteen books with accomplished speakers, physicians, therapists and celebrities, including The Creation Health Breakthrough with Dr. Monica Reed and the international best-selling What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You with Dr. Ray Strand. She is also the president and founder of Mere Images, Inc. Currently, Wallace lives with her family in Bozeman, Montana.

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Vanguard Student Kateryna Malakhova Fulfills Her Dreams

Kateryna Malakhova, a senior in her final semester at Vanguard University, is taking advantage of her time at Vanguard to fulfill dreams she has had since she was a child. While utilizing the variety of resources that Vanguard has to offer, Malakhova is on her way to providing children from her community back home, in Novakakhovka, Ukraine, a place to play.

Growing up, Malakhova dreamed of three things: playing tennis in Europe, living near the beach and giving children from her community a place to play. After accomplishing her first dream of playing tennis in Europe, she started to sense closed doors and corruption in Novakakhovka. That is what brought her to attend college in the United States, at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California. While at Vanguard University, Malakhova has been able to live out her second dream of living near the beach, but the third dream remained unfulfilled—until she met Dr. Ann Hamilton, vice president of student affairs.

After meeting Malakhova at an annual dinner Dr. Hamilton holds at her home for student leaders, Dr. Hamilton became intrigued as their discussion turned to dreams and Malakhova opened up about the ones she had since childhood. After realizing that she could help, Dr. Hamilton decided to reach out and provide the necessary guidance and resources for Malakhova.

Since that time, Malakhova has worked closely with Dr. Hamilton and the organization Kids Around the World to bring a playground to the heart of Novakakhovka. The playground will give children a place to use their imaginations, while creating a community for parents to come together. Malakhova and Hamilton, along with family and a team from Vanguard, will fly to Ukraine in June to help continue to bring this dream to life.

With that third dream almost being completed, Malakhova has had time to contemplate a brand new dream for her future—to work for the United Nations.

“I want to show that everything is possible and bring that hope,” said Malakhova, in a recent Daily Pilot article. “Everything is possible and you should just go for it.”

For further information on Malakhova and to read her story in the Daily Pilot, please visit,0,4723994.story.