Vanguard’s Nursing Director Excels in Research and is Published in Nursing Journal

Mary Wickman, B.S.N.,Ph.d is the director of Vanguard’s nursing program and has presented widely at conferences and is published in nursing journals. Mary’s most recent article published in The Journal of Advanced Nursing (JAN) is a world-leading international peer reviewed Journal.  JAN targets readers who are committed to advancing practice and professional development on the basis of new knowledge and evidence. Mary’s manuscript was published based on a research study that was completed in conjunction with her research facilitator role at St. Jude Medical Center. This paper reports the development and psychometric testing of a Behavioral Health Care Competency survey designed to measure hospital nurse perceptions of behavioral health care competency.

In nursing, there is an emphasis on ensuring that all practices are evidence-based.  The Behavioral Health study validates that nurses who work in hospital-based settings need further training in  how to care for the hospitalized behavioral health patient on their units.  This study provides validation for a tool that could be used by educators in assessing and developing education programs that target behavioral health competency areas identified by their staff as areas of training needs.

Wickman has held a wide variety of nursing positions in southern California, including at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach, Saddleback Women’s Hospital in Laguna Hills, Tokos/Matria Obstetrical Clinical Services in Orange, and St. Joseph Hospital. She was chair of the department of nursing at Mount St. Mary’s College. She also served as director of nursing and health sciences at Santa Ana College for 15 years. Wickman holds her master’s degree and PhD from UCLA. She has chaired the Orange County Long Beach Consortium for Nursing and held many other industry-leading posts.

Before joining Vanguard full-time, Mary taught adjunct courses in the BSN program, and the students admired her. She adds to the tradition of Vanguard faculty — committed professionals who mentor and invest deeply in the lives of the students. Wickman says Vanguard’s approach to education is what nurses need to excel at their jobs.

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Mary has researched a second article that was just accepted for publication and will be featured soon.

Both of these studies link back to the Vanguard Nursing program learning outcome of  Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning, Clinical Judgment. This outcome reinforces the importance of using a systematic approach in assessing, planning, testing, and evaluating innovative and evidence-based solutions to patient care problems across a variety of healthcare settings.

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Coast Magazine: Applauds Vanguard’s Gala Promoting Dignity of Women


By  Kedric Francis


Education is one of the pillars of philanthropy in Orange County, with fundraisers, galas and parties for public and private programs key components of the social whirl. The big guns get most of the attention, including Chapman U., UCI, OCHSA, and CSF. But community colleges and smaller schools deserve acclaim as well.

Vanguard University is a school we’re hearing more and more about, most recently when they hosted the Ensure Justice gala dinner at Santa Ana Country Club. The evening was a fundraiser to support the university’s Global Center for Women and Justice and its mission to promote the dignity of women locally and globally. The keynote speaker was author Rhonda Sciortino, and the Center’s director Sandra Morgan addressed the audience as well, passionately showing how supporters can help students learn to be a voice for the voiceless, including abused, trafficked and exploited women and girls.

Vanguard University is a private, Christian, comprehensive university of liberal arts and professional studies equipping students for a Spirit-empowered life of Christ-centered leadership and service. The U.S. News & World Report has ranked Vanguard among the best baccalaureate colleges in the west in their 2011-2012 rankings of colleges and universities and The Princeton Review named VU a 2011-2012 “Best in the West” College. Vanguard is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

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Alumna Heidi Baker Goes Beyond Integration to Use Her Spirit-Empowered Life in Christian Service

Miracles in Mozambique: How Mama Heidi Reaches the Abandoned

Christianity Today

by Tim Stafford

“I want anybody who is deaf to come to the front. Anybody who can’t hear. God is going to heal tonight.” Heidi Baker, with short, swept-back blond hair, hawk-like blue eyes, and Teutonic features, speaks over a powerful sound system into a pitch-black African night.

We are in the dusty village of Chiure, Mozambique, the 11th poorest nation on earth. No electricity or running water is available here. From their ragged clothes and bare feet, you can see that the people are destitute. Two trucks have brought students from Pemba, Baker’s mission center. Setting up open-air screens and generator-powered projectors, they have just shown the Jesus film. Preaching followed. And now, a crowd of several hundred has gathered on the bare ground in front of the trucks for the climactic moment.

Heidi Baker, known worldwide for her healing miracles, spends a third of every year on the charismatic speaking circuit, where people routinely fall to the floor in unconscious bliss or shake and laugh uncontrollably. They come, enthralled, to hear of Baker’s miracles in places like Chiure.

In recent years, she says, 100 percent of the deaf in the Chiure area have been healed through prayer. Not only that, she claims, scores have risen from the dead, food has been multiplied, the crippled and blind have been restored, and the gospel has spread like fire. Baker’s church association now numbers 10,000 congregations, maybe more.

Responding to Baker’s call, four people straggle to the front, standing uneasily. The audience crowds forward around them, blocking the view. Most of what happens is relayed over the booming sound system in Portuguese and translated into Makhuwa, the local language, with occasional explanations in English.

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The Holy Spirit in Mission: Interview with Dr. Gary Tyra (Part Two)

(To read Part One of this interview please click here)

With this blog post, we continue to report on Joe Gorra’s interview with pentecostal-evangelical scholar, Gary Tyra, regarding the contribution and implications of his book, The Holy Spirit in Mission, which J.P.Moreland endorsed here:

JG: I am hungry to read biblical and theological works that are authored by people with extensive pastoral leadership experience. For that reason alone, I would read your book. For you have over 25 years of pastoral experience! How has your leadership experience informed your approach to The Holy Spirit in Mission? How did that experience factor into your imagination for the writing of this book?

GT: While I would not want to say that the theology of the Spirit I put forward in the book is completely owing to my personal ministry experiences, I will acknowledge that some of the stories I present in the book as contemporary examples of missional prophetic activity do predate the scholarly work that eventually led me to my pneumatological conclusions. I choose to think of this as my formal thinking about the Spirit (my pneumatology) eventually catching up to the actual missional activity he’d been inspiring me to engage in all along.

To be a bit more specific, I suppose that, more than anything else, it was my missional activity as a church planter that made me aware of the need for an approach to Christian ministry that is earmarked by a commitment to both the Word and the Spirit—to being biblically informed and Spirit-empowered. Even though your desire as a church planter is to reach non-Christians with the gospel, you do have seasoned Christians looking for a new church home who wander your way. I found that some of my most perplexing, frustrating pastoral interactions occurred not with new believers, or even non-believers, but with veteran believers who were averse either to the “moving of the Spirit” in the worship services or to my insistence that all spiritual gift expressions be evaluated on the basis of theological, missiological principles provided in God’s word.

Thus, it was, at least in part, this desire as a missional church pastor to see some evangelicals become a bit more open to spiritual experience, and some Pentecostals/charismatics become more committed to a thoughtful, disciplined approach to the study of Scripture, all with the idea of mission in mind, that I went back to the Scriptures in order to forge an understanding of how a biblically informed pneumatology should affect a missional ecclesiology. What resulted from this study was The Holy Spirit in Mission.
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Delivery Boys and Entourage Comprehensive Review Complete

Dear Vanguard Community

We have recently completed a comprehensive review of the Delivery Boys and Entourage program at Vanguard University.  The review team of 9 members consisted of 3 faculty, 3 student life leaders, a youth pastor, and a current and former student.  Of these, 4 were former Delivery Boys & Entourage members.

The review included two phases – a research phase and then consideration of findings with recommendations for how to revitalize the teams.  The research component included interviews with previous team directors, a number of District Youth Directors and youth pastors, and several camp directors.  The review team conducted a series of focus groups with 28 former team members and with a number of current students.  The research phase also included a review of 24 student talent team programs at other colleges and universities.  The review team’s findings and recommendations have informed how the teams can be revitalized with greater emphasis on ministry and connection to training and leadership development within Student Life.

The review team has presented its report and recommendations to the President’s Cabinet.  I am pleased to now share some of the key outcomes:

  • Delivery Boys and Entourage teams will have a future as part of Outreach Ministries in Student Life.
  • The teams will be part of the Student Leadership Development program and participate in all student leadership events, including the Student Leadership Retreat.
  • This summer an advisory group will be formed to assist with recruitment, selection, training, and care for the teams.
  • Recruitment and selection of new teams will begin during the fall semester once we have finalized staffing and training to support the teams.
  • The teams will be available for camp ministry summer 2013.

We are committed to our mission of equipping students for Spirit-empowered lives of Christ-centered leadership and service and believe that the reorganization of support and training for the teams will better enable us to equip our students for effective ministry.

I want to express my gratitude to the review team for their many hours of careful research and prayerful reflection and recommendations on how best to support effective student ministry teams.

With gratitude,

Dr. Carol Taylor