Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal Studies at Vanguard University Welcomes Top Hispanic Leaders at Annual Conference

Hispanics are transforming worldwide Pentecostal movement as fastest-growing contingent

Costa Mesa, CA, February 19, 2013 – The Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal Studies at Vanguard University announced today that it will host its annual conference on Friday, March 1, 2013. Regarded as one of the most influential Hispanic Pentecostal seminars on the West Coast, the conference will focus on the transformative role of Hispanic leadership in the rapid growth of Pentecostalism worldwide through historical lenses.

Since the Azusa Street Revival held in Los Angeles in 1906, considered the first meeting of the Pentecostal movement, Latino Pentecostal communities have increasingly mobilized into Central and South America. According to the World Christian Database, a research tool of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Pentecostals made up some 73 percent of all Latin American Protestants in 2005, boasting a worldwide growth rate of 19 million new members each year that is projected to reach 1 billion by 2050. In 2006, the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life noted that Pentecostals represented the most rapidly growing sector of Latin American Protestantism.

“The growth rate of new Latino Pentecostals has been steady since the Pew reports, particularly in the Assemblies of God denomination,” says Dr. Derrick Rosenior, director of the Lewis Wilson institute for Pentecostal Studies. “While the Pentecostal movement has always emphasized racial equality, what we are seeing now is the realization that what was previously a vacuum of Hispanic leadership here in the United States and around the world is dramatically shifting. The Hispanic contingent has been a major factor in the consistent growth of Pentecostalism and will continue to be so.”

Renowned Hispanic Pentecostal scholars Drs. Jesse Miranda, Gaston Espinosa, and Isaac Canales, and the Revs. Samuel Rodriguez, and Fernando Tamara will share a theological and historical interpretation of how the Hispanic Pentecostal movement was formed in the 20th century, and the current place of the movement today.

“The Latino Church is experiencing unprecedented growth,” says Reverend Fernando Tamara. “What Victor de Leon so prophetically writes about in his visionary book The Silent Pentecostal has transpired. As Dr. Espinosa so aptly conveys in Silent No More, Hispanics are the current and future leaders of the imminent Pentecostal global movement.”

Media is invited to attend a brief press conference the morning of the event from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. at the Great Commission Hall at Vanguard University.

For more information on the Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal Studies Conference, please visit vanguard.edu/lwi

MEDIA CONTACT: Shana Martin, Director of Communications at Vanguard University

Vanguard University Theater Department Debuts ‘Development’ – A Contemporary Drama

English professor’s original work plumbs the depths of human minds and hearts

Costa Mesa, CA, February 19, 2013 – Vanguard University’s highly acclaimed and award-winning department of theatre arts presents Development. Written by Warren Doody, a Vanguard University English professor who teaches courses in playwriting, screenwriting, and Shakespeare, this original work will be presented on March 1 through March 10, 2013 in the Vanguard Lyceum Theater.

The story of Development draws audiences into an isolated medical clinic in the Mojave Desert, where a dying man is visited by the two sons he abandoned, twenty years earlier. This reunion proves more Pandora’s Box than reconciliation, releasing a lineage of madness and mayhem, with only the slimmest chance at redemption. Through the lens of theatre, Development reveals the nature and tragedy of schizophrenia, its secrets and symptoms, and the potentially healing powers of family.

“In my preliminary discussions with Susan Berkompas, chair of the theater arts department who had asked me to write a play about mental illness in 2009, she suggested that the script be focused on a family, rightly contending that a ‘disease of the mind’ carries consequences for every one of its members,” says Doody, in describing the genesis of this project. “However, given the stigmas attached, it’s an issue that is often swept under the proverbial rug and hidden from public view. Development is the result of those early talks: a contemporary drama, steeped in the tenets of Greek tragedy, designed to enlighten and educate and hold a mirror up to the shadowy world of mental illness.”

Performance dates and times are March 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9 at 8:00 pm; and March 2, 9 and 10 at 2:00 pm.

All shows are presented on the campus of Vanguard University, in the Lyceum Theater. Ticket prices are $14 for general admission and $12 for seniors, children, groups and college students. Tickets may be purchased at www.vanguardtickets.com or by calling the Theatre Department box office at 714-668-6145.

For additional information about the Theatre Department visit vanguard.edu/theatre

MEDIA CONTACT: Shana Martin, Director of Communications at Vanguard University

Student Environmental Advocacy Group, Enactus, Hosts Fifth Annual Environmental Sustainability Conference at Vanguard University

Orange County businesses learn how to implement environmentally-friendly business practices that are both sustainable and profitable at annual conference

Costa Mesa, CA, February 5, 2013 – The Vanguard University chapter of Enactus (formerly known as SIFE), a student-run, international non-profit, announced today that it will bring together leaders in environmentally responsible business at its annual Environmental Sustainability Conference on February 8, 2013. The conference will provide attendees with the tools and resources to implement innovative and sustainable business and life practices.

Enactus has organized the Environmental Sustainability Conference to educate the public on the importance of “going green” and how they can adopt policies that reflect corporate social responsibility. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with speakers and prominent business leaders during the interactive workshops and exhibitor fair.

“Increased global concerns over the harmful impact businesses have had on the planet have forced businesses to consider green policies,” says Michael O’Connor, 2011-12 president of Enactus at Vanguard University. “The time has come for businesses to be proactive in aligning best practices with a strong sustainability business policy. The Orange County business community will learn from their peers about ways to implement sustainable business while not adversely impacting their bottom line.”

Top industry leaders in the reform for sustainable business and lifestyle include the event’s keynote speaker, Martin Diedrich, founder of Kéan Coffee, who is a leader in bringing environmental initiatives into his business culture. Mr. Diedrich will provide insight into the topic of developing a sustainably-minded worldview through his experiences at coffee retailers Diedrich Coffee and Kéan Coffee.

Featured Speakers include:

To register for The Fifth Annual Environmental Sustainability Conference, visit vuenactusgreenconference.eventbrite.com. For more information about the conference, visit to vanguard.edu/enactus/ projects/green-conference

MEDIA CONTACT: Shana Martin, Director of Communications at Vanguard University

Ensure Justice “Cyber Exploitation” Conference at Vanguard University Addresses Growing Problem of Human Sex Trafficking

Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women & Justice aims to protect children by educating adults on ways to prevent human sex trafficking – a modern-day form of slavery

Costa Mesa, CA, February 1, 2013 – In commemoration of National Freedom Day, Vanguard University announced today that it will host its annual Ensure Justice Conference on March 8-9, 2013. This year’s conference, called Cyber Exploitation, will address the use of Internet and social media as a means to exploiting elementary, middle and high school students who are at-risk for being recruited into commercial sexual exploitation (also known as human sex trafficking.)

Sgt. Craig Friesen of the Anaheim Police Department, who works in conjunction with the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force (OCHTTF), told Vanguard students enrolled in a Human Trafficking class last week that he and his team have served more than 300 victims of human trafficking this past year, 40% of whom are under the age of 18. According to the OCHTTF, key indicators of human trafficking may include but are not limited to:

  • General Indicators – Victims are not free to leave, and are being forced to perform labor/services • Physical Indicators -Victims may have tattoos indicating someone else’s ownership or injuries/scars from abuse or assault
  • Sex Industry/Brothels – This could be a massage parlor, other place of business, or a residence. There may be large amounts of cash and condoms on location; men come and go frequently and/or late at night.

“Laws such as California Proposition 35, the “California Against Sexual Exploitation Initiative” which passed on November 6, 2012 are not enough to adequately combat the increasing problem of human sex trafficking,” says Sandra Morgan, director of the Global Center for Women & Justice at Vanguard University. “Today marks exactly 148 years since Abraham Lincoln signed the resolution that would eventually abolish slavery, and yet there are still children and youth who live in slavery or involuntary servitude. As parents, teachers, children’s workers and pastors, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves on the techniques and strategies traffickers use to lure, trap and enslave children.”

Attendees will learn about the warning signs in identifying exploited children and the action steps necessary to reduce the risk of children vulnerable to predators. Experts in human trafficking will equip attendees with new, strategic perspective on online tactics used to manipulate and deceive children at home, in schools, and in churches.

Speakers include Ernie Allen, president and CEO of International Centre for missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC), Dr. Laura Lederer, president of Global Centurion and former senior advisor on human trafficking at the U.S. State Department, and Lisa Thompson, director, Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking for the Salvation Army. Last year’s Ensure Justice conference drew in over 350 attendees, including teachers, physicians, attorneys, stay-at-home mothers, and other business professionals.

For more information on how to register, please visit vanguard.edu/ensurejustice

MEDIA CONTACT: Shana Martin, Director of Communications at Vanguard University

5K Walk/Run Will More than Reunite Alumni at Vanguard’s Homecoming

100% proceeds from 5k race to help find a cure for ailing 7-year old daughter of two dedicated Vanguard alums

Costa Mesa, CA, January 29, 2013 – Vanguard University (VU), a regionally ranked, private, Christian university of liberal arts and professional studies, announced today that it will host a 5K Walk/Run during Homecoming to raise money for a young daughter of two Vanguard alums in need of medical care. 7-year old Mercy Doyle suffers from a neurological condition that doctors have been trying unsuccessfully to diagnose.

Since she was 2-years old, Mercy has experienced a unique set of symptoms that has stumped leading pediatricians around the country. Symptoms have included tremors in her feet and the loss of muscle coordination resulting in her inability to walk or crawl. Some physicians believe an auto-immune disorder is at the core of the disorder.

Mercy’s parents – Kevin and Camie (Grasser) Doyle –were very active as student resident advisors (RAs) and worship leaders at Vanguard until graduating in 1999; Kevin played on the baseball team for three years. These same servant leadership qualities are evident in their determination to find a treatment for their daughter’s condition.

“The Doyle family has been through an enormous hardship emotionally, spiritually, and financially,” said Joel Gackle, director of alumni relations at Vanguard University. “The Vanguard community has united together in prayer for them. With the money we can raise from this 5k Walk/Run, we hope to also shoulder some of their financial burden by raising money to give Mercy the medical attention she needs.”

When they are not traveling to seek medical care for Mercy, the Doyles and their three children live in Henderson, Nevada, where Kevin is a pastor at Green Valley Christian Center.

“It’s been truly a humbling experience,” Camie Doyle said. “We feel so blessed by everyone who gives. It’s not just money; it’s their time, their talents, their resources. The 5K Walk/Run is on Saturday, February 2 at 9:30 a.m. on the Vanguard campus in Costa Mesa. Registration is open to the public and can be done online at vanguard.edu/RunForMercy or before the race. All ages are welcome. Cost is $10 per entry and all proceeds go to the Mercy Doyle’s medical expenses.

For more information about Vanguard Homecoming, go to vanguard.edu/alumni/news-homecoming

For more information on Mercy’s progress, go to www.prayformercy.org

MEDIA CONTACT: Shana Martin, Director of Communications at Vanguard University