Bloomingdale’s Presented “Fashion Your Future” Event for Vanguard University Students

Bloomingdales1The Bloomingdale’s Fashion Your Future event reached its maximum capacity with 30 Vanguard University students rsvp’d and in attendance at the South Coast Plaza store on Oct. 8.

The event featured a fashion show and a Q&A session with Bloomingdale’s human resources manager, Linda Ceccato. It provided a great opportunity to learn interviewing tips from a hiring professional and to see how to dress for success. “It was really great to have a visual of what someone should look like when they go to an interview,” Employer Relations Coordinator Nicole Toro said.

Four of Vanguard University’s resident assistants (RA) walked the runway as the models for the fashion show. Bloomingdale’s presented two main looks for job interviews, very formal and semi-formal, and informed students of which look was appropriate for certain types of interviews.

For the very formal look, the RAs modeled business professional suits. For the semi-formal look, the lady’s look was a nice blouse with a nice skirt, and the guy’s look was a sports jacket with slacks. The weekend before the event weekend, the RAs went to Bloomingdale’s to be fitted for the outfits.

As a whole, the event taught students how to successfully market themselves to employers, Toro said. Ceccato told students how to look the part, speak as strong as their resumes speak and how to prepare going into the interview, Toro said. Ceccato encouraged students with little work experience to get involved on their campus and start volunteering.

She also told students to practice mock interviews. Toro said students are welcome and invited to setup mock interviews with the career services center. Practicing in front of a mirror was also encouraged. “You might be communicating something funny with your body that you don’t even realize,” Toro said.

Looking back on the event, student Selah Cosentino said: “I was just so engaged the whole time.” The event was very well planned and provided many helpful tips and networking, she added. As a senior business administration major looking to work in HR, she said it was great to hear Ceccato’s advice and get her business card for continued communication.

At the end of the event, Bloomingdale’s provided goody bags for all attendees, which included free samples. Cosentino said her bag was filled with expensive perfume samples that she gladly wore to work the next day. Grateful for Bloomingdale’s’ generosity and seeing the event as a success, Toro expressed a desire to see it become an annual event.

To learn more about what Vanguard’s career services has to offer, click here.

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