Big plans for this Year and the Future of Intramural Sports

Softball1Bases are loaded this year with eight different intramural sports to come and big plans for the future of Vanguard University’s intramural program.

Upcoming and current sports include: softball, football, powder-puff football, whiffle ball, indoor soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, basketball and the Student Government Association’s (SGA) broomball.

Softball is the first sport up to bat. On Sunday, September 22, teams of students, faculty, staff and alumni played the first round of softball games. According to Madison and Taylor Spikes, senior intramural interns and sisters, softball participation is at its highest with 13 teams of at least 13 players.  Softball games are Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Teams start in round robin play, then move to bracket play until the championship game on October 27.

Intramurals are “a good outlet for students to be active and lead a healthy lifestyle,” Madison Spikes said. It’s an opportunity to get a great workout while having fun, she added. With a laugh, she said her sore legs were a clear indicator of just how good a workout her first softball game was.

Intramurals also provide a great way to meet new people, Taylor Spikes said. All students, faculty, staff and alumni are welcome and encouraged to participate. In fact, one softball team is made up entirely of faculty members. Individuals interested in playing can email the intramural interns at to be placed on a team. Along with the Spikes sisters, junior Nick Frumkin and senior Tom Sutton are intramural interns.

Looking to the future, the Spikes sisters said the program is hoping to eventually expand beyond the Vanguard University campus. The goal is to work with other schools to setup an opportunity for the champion intramural teams to not only win on their campus, but also to beat intramural teams at other schools too, Madison Spikes said. As part of the push to improve Vanguard’s intramural program, SGA recently hired a coordinator of intramurals, Jon Krapivkin. Whatever the future holds for Vanguard’s intramurals program, it will be “bigger and better every year,” she said.

To view the intramural sports calendar, click here.

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