Fall 2007

Customizing Success
At Chrysler, and now at a leading marketing company, BJ Birtwell ’04 is helping define what’s cool.

The Bridge Builder
Jesse Miranda ’66 has been called the “granddaddy of U.S. Latino Protestantism.” Today he’s helping VU serve the Hispanic community through a new master’s degree program and the Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership.

A Passion for Diabetes Education
After Tammi Boiko’s husband and daughters were diagnosed with diabetes, she decided to become a nurse and certified diabetes educator. Now she is a student in Vanguard’s RN-to-BSN program, furthering her education.

Architect of Change
Rush Hill, a leading architect and supporter of education in Orange County for three decades, is helping Vanguard implement its campus master plan.

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Summer 2007

Empowering the Needy
Nicole Suydam ’95 discovered her passion at VU and has devoted her life to helping the disadvantaged. Today she is one of the leading non-profit fundraisers in the U.S.

Voice of Experience
Amick Byram has contributed his voice to dozens of hit films and television shows. Now, as a part-time faculty at VU, he’s teaching students how to be salt and light in the entertainment industry.

A Dream Fulfilled
Xiuling Li ’07, a successful teacher in China, was offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to study in the U.S. She soon became one of VU’s best business students, and now she is heading to Yale’s MBA program.

Tending the Soul of Vanguard
Out-going provost Russ Spittler has helped guide Vanguard through an unprecedented expansion and through a re-affirmation of VU’s mission and identity as a liberal arts college firmly rooted in Pentecostal beliefs and tradition.

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Spring 2007

Serving Foster Kids
Wayne Tesch ’95 founded a network of summer camps to help foster kids who have been abused. Today, Royal Family Kids Camp serves thousands of foster children across the U.S. and the world.

Good Chemistry
Don Lorance, a key member of VU’s natural sciences faculty, has been guiding students to success in science and medical careers for 37 years. He’s done it by building relationships and expecting excellence of students and of himself.

New Beginnings
Student Sarah Reeve keeps South Coast Plaza’s human resources department humming. Now she is enhancing her skills and finishing her degree at VU’s School for Professional Studies.

Shaking up Sunday School
John Rogers ’92 created a DVD-based curriculum, Kidmo, that’s re-defining Sunday school for thousands of churches.

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Winter 2007

Bridging Faith and Reason
Alan Padgett ’77 is a leading theologian who explores questions of faith in a way that scholars and laypeople can grasp.

Promoting Kids
Dave Peters II ’73 went from promoting popular Christian music acts to promoting charities for children.

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