Fall 2005

Music In His Soul
After writing and arranging music for top performers in television and music, Ralph Carmichael ’47 helped to re-invent Christian music with his groundbreaking record label, compositions and musicals. Today the father of contemporary Christian music still tours, writes and arranges.

The Business of Education
Trish Fisher emerged from tragic life circumstances to become a business leader in companies like Procter & Gamble. Today she is leading VU’s School of Business in the School for Professional Studies to new heights.

Car Crazy
Leslie Kennedy helped make Meguiar’s the #1 car wax in the world. Now she’s earning her master’s degree at VU to prepare for a higher calling.

Africa Calling
Steve Sparks ’86 rose to become chief vascular surgeon at UCSD. Now he and his family have taken a brave leap into medical missions, and Steve intends to spend the rest of his career working in an African hospital.

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Summer 2005

Ambassador of Freedom
Peter Kuzmic graduated from Vanguard and founded Evangelical Theological Seminary in then-Yugoslavia. His work as a scholar and statesman have affected thousands, if not millions, as Croatia emerges from its communist past and embraces freedom.

Letting the Scriptures Speak
Professor William C. Williams discovered the Bible as a young man and turned his passion for it into an outstanding career as a Hebrew scholar, Bible translator and pillar of VU’s faculty.

A Business Vision for Missions
Recent graduate Scott McAlvany was facing prison time when an overseas missions trip turned his life around. Today he’s putting his business skills to use at an orphanage in Indonesia.

Redeemed to Help Others
Dean Duncan’s stellar start as a minister was cut short by alcohol. But God restored him and today Duncan has helped thousands of people overcome their alcohol addictions.

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Spring 2005

Unexpected Victories
Kimberly Battle-Walters Came to VU from gang territory in L.A. and embarked on a successful career as an author and academic. She was named Fulbright scholar in 2002. Her new book Sheila’s Shop explores “victorization” in working class African-American women’s lives.

The Adventurer
Dennis McNutt, VU’s associate provost and longtime professor, challenges himself on campus and off — and his life of diverse adventures and accomplishments shows it.

A Change of Heart
Police officer Randy Beckx spearheaded a dramatic change in how his police department helps the homeless. Now he’s getting his master’s degree from VU to help him on the job.

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Winter 2005

Humor on the Homefront
After being overwhelmed by mommyhood, Lisa Espinoza-Johnson ’02 turned her observations to encouragement into Days of Whine and Noses: Pep Talks For Tuckered-Out Moms, her major-publisher book debut.

Legacy of Love and Learning
Students call him the Energizer Bunny. Colleagues call him one of the West Coast’s premier botanists. Why professor Larry McHargue has made such an impression on the Vanguard community in 35 years.

On-Location Education
VU’s first study-abroad program profoundly influenced the lives of participating students. Read how.

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