Alum Violeta Alvarez Helping to Rebuild Bell Community

Vanguard University alum Violeta Alvarez, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, is running for City Council for the city of Bell, California, and helping to rebuild the community.

Alvarez, a resident of Bell for over 31 years, has worked as a Los Angeles County social services worker for 19 years by determining whether people who seek social services are eligible for government assistance. She is one of ten candidates running for a full term on the City Council for the upcoming term following a salary scandal that nearly shattered the city.

“I was happy the truth finally came out,” said Alvarez in a recent article on “I didn’t know how much the salaries were, but there was sadness because I knew that money, however much, was coming out of our community.

Thanks to her efforts, and those of others within the community, the city is on its way to reform.

Relying on her experience as a former leader of the Bell Association to Stop the Abuse (BASTA), the city’s largest reform group, where her roles include going on 3:00am flier runs and calling countless neighbors and community members, she is one of four members of a slate of candidates called United 4 Bell. Their goal is to help reform the city and strengthen the community that was severely weakened, but not broken, by the scandal.

Although at first she was reluctant to run for City Council, she turned to her faith and realized that she needed to step up and bring change. After receiving much support from members in the community, she is making sure she is leaving an impact.

“People were asking me why I want to run and I said it’s because I like to help people,” said Alvarez in the same article. “I don’t have all the answers, but I’m willing to look for the answers and to try to have the city back to how it used to be 31 years ago or even better.”

Alvarez has two children: a son, 12, who attends Magnolia Science Academy, and a daughter, 24, who is studying criminal justice at East LA college.

For further information on Alvarez and her efforts within the Bell City Council, click here.

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