Vanguard University Wins Twice in 10th Annual Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA)

Congratulations to the Vanguard’s creative marketing team for winning two awards at the 10th Annual Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA) which were announced this week.  The Spring/Summer 2012 issue of VU Magazine won a Silver and the 2010-11 Annual Report, won a Merit.

According to the SIAA, nearly 2,000 entries were received in this year’s competition.  A national panel of judges evaluated and rated entries in eight groups and twenty-six categories.  The judges awarded 140 Gold Awards, 109 Silver Awards, as well as 82 Bronze Awards.

SIAA is the only advertising awards to specifically recognize the achievement of the service industry.  Many other advertising awards are dominated by consumer goods and other tangible products.  The service industry is adding a significant contribution to  marketing and advertising.  SIAA recognizes the creativity adn communication of the service industry.

Student Veterans Club Hosts Veterans Resource Center Open House

Vanguard University students gather to celebrate veterans at an open house Last week, Veterans and non-veterans gathered at Vanguard University’s Veterans Courtyard of Honor for an Open House designed to welcome  new student veterans to Vanguard University.  In addition to providing information about the Veterans Resource Center, attendees had a chance to see what the Student Veterans Club has planned for the rest of the school year while noshing on yummy sandwiches and desserts.  In attendance was the Costa Mesa Freedom Committee and American Legion Post 455.

Thank you to all of our veterans for your selfless service to our country.  We are blessed to have you in our lives and remember those who have fallen in our prayers.

About the Veterans Resource Center at Vanguard University

The Veterans Resource Center at Vanguard University exists to support veterans by providing academic planning, financial advisement, and resources for professional, personal, and spiritual development designed to equip veterans to achieve their educational and professional goals.

Student veterans club at Vanguard University provides resources for student veterans

5K Walk/Run Will More than Reunite Alumni at Vanguard’s Homecoming

100% proceeds from 5k race to help find a cure for ailing 7-year old daughter of two dedicated Vanguard alums

Costa Mesa, CA, January 29, 2013 – Vanguard University (VU), a regionally ranked, private, Christian university of liberal arts and professional studies, announced today that it will host a 5K Walk/Run during Homecoming to raise money for a young daughter of two Vanguard alums in need of medical care. 7-year old Mercy Doyle suffers from a neurological condition that doctors have been trying unsuccessfully to diagnose.

Since she was 2-years old, Mercy has experienced a unique set of symptoms that has stumped leading pediatricians around the country. Symptoms have included tremors in her feet and the loss of muscle coordination resulting in her inability to walk or crawl. Some physicians believe an auto-immune disorder is at the core of the disorder.

Mercy’s parents – Kevin and Camie (Grasser) Doyle –were very active as student resident advisors (RAs) and worship leaders at Vanguard until graduating in 1999; Kevin played on the baseball team for three years. These same servant leadership qualities are evident in their determination to find a treatment for their daughter’s condition.

“The Doyle family has been through an enormous hardship emotionally, spiritually, and financially,” said Joel Gackle, director of alumni relations at Vanguard University. “The Vanguard community has united together in prayer for them. With the money we can raise from this 5k Walk/Run, we hope to also shoulder some of their financial burden by raising money to give Mercy the medical attention she needs.”

When they are not traveling to seek medical care for Mercy, the Doyles and their three children live in Henderson, Nevada, where Kevin is a pastor at Green Valley Christian Center.

“It’s been truly a humbling experience,” Camie Doyle said. “We feel so blessed by everyone who gives. It’s not just money; it’s their time, their talents, their resources. The 5K Walk/Run is on Saturday, February 2 at 9:30 a.m. on the Vanguard campus in Costa Mesa. Registration is open to the public and can be done online at or before the race. All ages are welcome. Cost is $10 per entry and all proceeds go to the Mercy Doyle’s medical expenses.

For more information about Vanguard Homecoming, go to

For more information on Mercy’s progress, go to

MEDIA CONTACT: Shana Martin, Director of Communications at Vanguard University

Vanguard students volunteer to help with biannual “point in time” count for federal funding for homeless

Vanguard University students volunteer to help with count of homeless in Orange County, California to continue federal funding

Around 4:00 a.m., while you were likely still asleep, Vanguard students were out and about volunteering their time with the biannual “point in time” count of the homeless population.  Why?  Because it is required for continued federal funding for shelters and other related programs.  According to the LA Times, the city is applying for $16 million.

Last week, Vanguard students attended several training sessions led by Dr. Ed Clarke, professor of sociology at Vanguard University, to learn about the process and what their specific jobs would be on the morning of the street count.  The project is mandated for all communities (but unfunded) by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD.)

While some experts have said that the homeless remain under counted, Dr. Clarke, who has led a multi-count of the homeless population, says the number of homeless in Costa Mesa has remained relatively the same over the past 5 years. His work with the Churches Consortium has resulted in a more accurate understanding of what the needs of the homeless in Orange County, CA truly are.  With this information has come the ability to promote positive changes that impact the daily lives of those living on the streets.  One of these changes is the addition of a storage facility in Costa Mesa that the homeless can use to check in their few but meaningful belongings.  They also have a place to shower and do laundry.

The counts takes place across the country during the last 10 days of January (January 26th for OC.)Vanguard University professor of sociology, Dr. Ed Clarke and his students help to improve life for homeless  in Orange County, California

For more information, visit Point in Time Orange County.

Costa Mesa confronts homelessness head-on

Vanguard professor of sociology, Ed Clarke, addresses homelessness in Costa Mesa, California

Vanguard Sociology professor, Dr. Ed Clarke, whose cutting-edge research on homelessness and work with the Churches Consortium in Costa Mesa has increasingly received regional attention, weighs in on the issue in LA Times article: